How even world-beaten car owners ruin a car engine in the heat – Life hack

The most banal “summer” story, with which you can hasten the death of the “engine” of your car – do not warm it up. Yes, we are aware that there are two main “sects” of motorists – adherents of warming up the engine and adherents of the absence of the need for it. Both groups usually make convincing arguments in favor of their rightness, but we are not talking about them now. Everyone knows that even in summer, immediately after starting the engine, its revolutions rise above idle and decrease to normal only after a while.

During this period, not only warming up takes place, but also the correct distribution of oil in all nooks and crannies of the power unit, which is necessary to protect it when working under load. Some drivers do not wait until the crankshaft speed drops to the standard “idle” value and drive immediately after starting – it’s warm outside, why heat it up? As a result, increased engine wear and the approach of “capital”.

This mode, by the way, is also harmful for gearboxes, especially CVTs, since they also have their own nuances with the temperature and pressure of the working fluid. Immediately after turning on the engine, “press on the trigger” in a car with a CVT – be prepared for unscheduled transmission repairs.

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