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The Theranos startup, created by Elizabeth Holmes, was to change blood tests forever. Eminent investors believed in the patents and reputation of the founder, but the company’s promises turned out to be a hoax. What now threatens Holmes and her Theranos

Elizabeth Holmes

(Фото: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)

On September 8, in a California court, hearings began in the case of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the biotech startup Theranos. The entrepreneur faces up to 20 years in prison and multimillion-dollar fines. Theranos’ staple – Edison home appliances, supposedly capable of diagnosing many diseases one drop of blood at a time – turned out to be a dummy. After the company’s value reached $ 9 billion, it was discovered that the accuracy of the instruments was not at all the same as the manufacturer claims. Holmes and her business partner Ramesh Balwani are now facing trial.