How does Yasmine Sabry spend her time after not participating in the “Shader” series?

Yasmine Sabry confirmed that she did not participate in the series “Al Shader”, which was announced during the past weeks, as the audience was waiting for the return of the Egyptian artist to participate in dramas after a distance of more than two years from any artwork, Yasmine Sabry was also keen during the last hours to reveal her interests At this time and the most prominent events that you attend.

Yasmine Sabry participates in shows Cartier in Spain

Yasmine Sabry published on the “Al Astori” feature through her account on “Instagram” more than one video and photo, in which she revealed what she is doing after announcing her non-participation in the series “Al Shader”, the Egyptian star appeared while participating in one of the special shows forCartier held during the past hours in SpainAnd Yasmine Sabry expressed her great admiration for the show, which witnessed a remarkable presence, and she was also keen to document this by filming and publishing some scenes from it, and wrote a comment on the video, in which she said: Cartier, how cool is that.”

Yasmine Sabry in Cartier shows

Yasmine Sabry tours the streets of Madrid

Yasmine Sabry also appeared in the videos that she published while touring the streets of the Spanish capital, Madrid, and took a video during her tour. Publishing her videos through her accounts on social media, with which her followers, as well as her colleagues in the artistic community, interact constantly, including the artist Hoda Al-Mufti, Jihan Abdel Azim, in addition to The fascist Rawan Bin Hussein.

Yasmine Sabry shares her best moments with her fans

Yasmine Sabry recently shared with her fans her most beautiful moments, starting with her continuous tours in more than one country around the world, most notably Mauritius, where she spent part of her summer vacation there. She also published many photos and documented her most prominent moments while practicing yoga on the beach, and strenuous exercises. , I also went to Cannes to participate in the activities of the 75th session that was held in France, and attended one of the events of the Red Sea Film Festival there, Yasmine Sabry also appeared in a family shot with her younger brother while they were sitting together at home, and expressed the strength of their relationship and interdependence.

Yasmine Sabry shares her best moments with the audience
Yasmine Sabry shares her best moments with the audience

Yasmine Sabry will not participate in the series “Al Shader”

Director Sameh Abdelaziz confirmed during the past hours that the artist Yasmine Sabry did not participate in the series “Al Shader” with the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi, weeks after announcing her participation in the series, where the artist Ashraf Abdel Baqi explained in an interview with the “The Insider in Arabic” program about the features The work, and said that he is still in the writing stage, but the author has finished several episodes of it, and they are currently holding sessions with director Sameh Abdel Aziz, and added that he will embody the role of an “evil person” trying to control the fish market, indicating that he is waiting to finish writing the entire series. Until he reveals his details, the artist, Yasmine Sabry, appeared during one of the sessions with the creators of the series.

Yasmine Sabry with the creators of the series "chadder"
Yasmine Sabry with the creators of the series “Al Shader”

Photos from the account of Yasmine Sabry and her fans on “Instagram”.



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