How do I know if my INE is valid and how to renew it?

your credential National Electoral Institute (INE) expired in 2021? We tell you how you can know if yours is still valid and how to process a new one.

Is my expired INE valid for voting?

The INE extended the validity of credentials to vote that won in 2021, in order to maximize the rights of citizenship. That is, if you have your credential like this, yes you can use it in the elections that will take place in Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas on June 5.

Credit: INE

Now that you know that you INE credential that expired in 2021 is still valid for these elections, you should know how to renew itsince, in addition, it is a very useful official document to carry out any procedure or to contract a service.

When is the INE credential?

To find out how long the INE credential, you will have to go to the bottom right of your plastic; there, says the word VALIDITY, followed by the year in which it expires. At the end of that period (which is 10 years), the citizen must request a new credential so that it serves as identification, to be able to carry out different procedures or contract some services.

Credit: INE Nuevo León

¿Y When is an INE credential not valid?

When it is removed from the electoral register for any of the concepts defined by the INEwhich stipulates that this credential ceases to be valid for different reasons:

  • Duplicate
  • Death
  • Cancellation of procedure
  • loss of nationality
  • Procedure with apocryphal documentation
  • Procedure canceled due to suspension of rights
  • irregular domicile
  • irregular personal data
  • Loss of validity

Also the INE credential It ceases to be valid or valid when you carried out a procedure in a citizen service module and did not complete it by not going to pick it up. If you find yourself in this situation, we give you four steps to request it.

How to renew the INE credential?

How do I know if my INE is valid and how to renew it?
To renew your INE, you must go to the module closest to your home. Photo: Cuartoscuro Archive

1. Make an appointment

Locate a module, it can be the closest to your home or work, and make an appointment. Remember that they will not give you attention if you do not have a scheduled appointment. In this link you can make an appointment, or you can also call inetel al 800 433 2000.

2. Prepare your documents

You will need three identification documents that you must present at the corresponding INE service module:

  • Identification document (originals, without amendments or erasures)
  • Photo identification (current or with an issue date no older than 10 years)
  • Proof of address (originals and with an issue date no older than 3 months)

3. Locate your module to process your credential

Go to your appointment in the module with your three documents. They will fill out a digital application with the data registered in your documents. At the end, check that everything is correct.

4. Pick up your credential

Go to the same module where you requested it. Do not forget the receipt that they gave you when doing the procedure. Check her status before going for her.

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