How do I charge iPhone 12, AirPods and other Apple devices

I saw something terrible the other day. A friend of mine put his iPhone 11 on charge, and it seems to be nothing unusual, only he connected the phone to the charging adapter that remained from the iPhone 7 (then Apple put small 5 W chargers in the kit). And he complained that, they say, the iPhone takes a very long time to charge, and he manages to charge the phone up to 100% only at night, and during the day there is not enough time. It turns out that many are not really aware that new iPhone models can (and should!) Be charged much FASTER… I’ll tell you how I organized the charging of the iPhone, AirPods and other Apple gadgets at home, it may come in handy for you.


I will tell you how to charge Apple devices correctly and as quickly as possible

Meanwhile, Apple continues to sell the power adapter 5 watts… And I know a few people who unknowingly bought it because they thought all iPhones charge the same.


If you don’t have an iPhone 7 or older, don’t do this.

Which iPhones support fast charging

And what is “fast” in my understanding? For example, my iPhone 12 is charging up to 50% Only for 30 minutes using an 18W adapter (left over from the iPhone 11 Pro Max). In fact, many are mistaken in the belief that only iPhone 11 and newer can be charged quickly. The same 20W power adapter that replaced 18W charging quickly charges iPhone 8 and newer.

Да, если вы до сих пор заряжаете свой iPhone X комплектным адаптером питания 5 Вт, лучше используйте его для других целей (зарядка Apple Watch подойдет).

But if you buy a 20W power adapter from Apple, you have to pay almost 2 thousand rubles. And since all such chargers mainly come with USB-C, and not with the usual USB-A, you also need a cable for this business – the original will cost another 2 thousand rubles. Total almost 4 thousand rubles.

There is a sensible alternative: I recently ordered a Baseus 20W charger and a Lighting – USB-C cable, the whole set cost only 936 rubles. IN 4 times cheaper… The adapter is smart, there is protection against overheating and excess voltage, so in fact it is no worse than the original one.


There is a whole computer inside the charger


I advise you to take immediately with a USB-C cable

Baseus 20W iPhone Charging Adapter

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I have a Baseus wireless charger (like this) on my desk in my office for several years, nothing happened to it during this time.

Wireless charger for iPhone

Love the geeky design of this wireless charger

I know that many have a fad on MFi (so that the charger and cable are certified by Apple), in this case Ugreen offers the same kit, but more expensive for obvious reasons. Although there are practically no differences between these charges. You can also buy the charger separately from both manufacturers if you already have a cable, for example.


Ugreen also offers 20W charging adapters, and with cable

Charging Ugreen 20W for iPhone

Is fast charging dangerous for iPhone?

It is believed that fast charging, accordingly, kills the iPhone battery faster, since it wears out more from this. When fast charging technology just started to spread, it was, but many years have passed since then, and stereotype remained in their heads. It’s like a misconception that it is imperative to discharge the iPhone the first time it is used, as if the battery has a “memory effect”. Not anymore.

Now in the iPhone and in the chargers themselves there are special controllers that stop charging and prevent wear battery. If you don’t believe, here is an explanatory note from Apple itself which states that using power adapters from MacBooks with 29, 30, 61 and EVEN 87W valid with iPhones and iPads that support fast charging. It doesn’t matter which power supply you use: 18W or 87W. Neither will damage the devices or cause early battery wear. Another thing is the issue of efficiency, because if you connect an adapter with too high power to the iPhone, it will still “take” exactly as much energy as it needs.

Charge iPhone 11

How the iPhone 11 charges with the 18W power adapter

So from 20 W nothing will happen to your phone. For example, here is the battery status of my iPhone 12, which was purchased back in October last year. I charge it ONLY fast charging and wireless from Baseus.

IPhone Battery

This iPhone is already 8 months old. I only charge with fast charging and wireless

How to properly charge AirPods

I also prefer to charge my headphones by cable and power adapter. The habit goes back to the days when I had 2nd generation AirPods without wireless charging, but this is true for AirPods Pro too. Why? I noticed that the headphones charge much over the wire. fasterand since I use them almost all day long, charging speed really matters to me. As a result, I use the usual Apple 5 W power adapter (so there was a use for it), it makes no sense anymore, and such a Lightning cable only costs 300 rubles.

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Charging AirPods is generally interesting, when the adapter is connected, the headphones themselves begin to charge first (moreover, in an enhanced mode, at a power of 2.35 watts), after 3.5 minutes the current is limited – the energy between the headphones and the case begins to be distributed evenly. And when the AirPods battery reaches 90% charge, the case starts charging at increased power. Ultimately, the earbuds are fully charged in 30 minutes, and it takes 2 hours to fully charge the case.

Charging AirPods

How AirPods are charged with a 5W power adapter

I also use this kind of charger on my bedside table. No that’s not AirPower, as it might seem at first glance, although the principle is the same – it simultaneously charges iPhone, AirPods and Apple Watch. It is very convenient, in the evening I threw all the devices on one “rug”, and in the morning everything is already charged. If you needed an iPhone, did the job, put it back. How does all this work, since even Apple could not? There is simply a limitation of the charging power: on the iPhone – a maximum of 10 W, on AirPods – 3 W, on the watch – 2 W. Obviously, the conversation here is not about charging speed, but convenience. Do not connect a separate cable to each device and have a bunch of power supplies.


For several months I have been keeping this exercise near the bed. Very comfortably

3-in-1 wireless charging

Universal charger – powerbank

I got such a cool device for traveling. This is not just a 10,000 mAh power bank, such a good bulk, but also charging! Yes, yes, there are two USB-A ports (or USB-A and USB-C, you can choose the option you want when ordering) with a maximum power of 45 W (15 W for USB-A and 30 W for USB-C). That is, you can charge at the same time, for example, iPhone and iPad, or iPhone and MacBook Air, there is enough power.


Live it is much smaller


I took it straight from USB-C to charge my wife’s MacBook Air if anything

The main thing is that for the price of a good powerbank we get not just a box with a battery, but also a charging adapter. If you are going to go somewhere, this is a very useful device, take both the charger and the external battery with you right away. The size is also pleasing even smaller than the iPhone 11 Pro… Well, that’s great?

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I think this is just brilliant. Previously, it was necessary to take a separate powerbank and a couple of charges, now you can do it one such a device. pay attention to coupons seller, you can get an additional discount with them.

Universal charger and power bank for iPhone, iPad and Mac

How to charge your MacBook?

In fact, I have a special relationship with charging a MacBook. I prefer to use primarily original charger (out of the box) with the supplied cable. After all, the iPhone battery, if anything, can, in principle, be replaced on a budget, and replacing the MacBook Pro battery will cost a pretty penny. But with a single charge it’s inconvenient, because you always have to carry it with you (I don’t have an M1 MacBook Pro), so I took the 65W Baseus charger already tested by my colleagues – just to charge my MacBook. You can take only a charging adapter, you can immediately take it with a cable, this is my option.

Charge your MacBook

This is not my main charger, but it helped out great several times

First, such charging more compactthan the original, and lighter, you can easily carry it with you in your backpack. Second, here multiple ports, that is, you can also charge your iPhone or iPad if needed. Well, there is always a spare charger at hand, I left the house many times and forgot mine. As a result, at work I had to borrow from someone.

But my position on this matter remains unchanged: on permanent It is best to use original Apple power adapters to charge your MacBook.

How did you manage the charging of Apple devices at home or in the office? Tell us in the comments, it is better to immediately with links to charges, if you ordered them somewhere. And in our Telegram chat you can upload photos of your setup and discuss it with other readers.

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