How did the war in Ukraine start and what has been Russia’s participation in the conflict?

The invasion of the Crimean peninsula created a precedent that the international community is closely watching and ready to actively participate in. Since 2014, relations between the two neighboring countries that were once part of the Soviet Union have been strained.


When in 2014, after formalizing the annexation of Crimea a Russia, Vladimir Putin He said “Crimea he has come home”, he fanned the flames of the existing pro-Russian movements in Ukraine to resume their fight for the return to the past.

Since then, the path that led to the possible Russian invasion of Ukrainewhich today is considered imminent.

In 1991, Ukraine became one of the 15 independent republics that resulted from the dissolution of the Soviet Union. From that very moment the nation approached the European Union (EU) in an attempt to refresh its image and its democracy.

The efforts seemed to pay off when in 2008 the EU invited the country to join the OTAN. But the news was not well received by the Russian president, Vladimir Putinwho in 2013 lobbied his Ukrainian counterpart, Viktor Yanukovychto withdraw from the agreement.

The decision led to protests that were violently suppressed, in which more than 100 people died.

Soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

The country’s instability was exploited by Putin for the invasion of Crimeaand since then fomented tensions and confrontations within Ukraine.

The Russian regime organized a referendum on the peninsula, considered illegal by the international community, to annex it. Crimea It is a strategic place because it offers an important exit to the Black Sea who wanted to be controlled by Putin.

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Russia’s invasion triggered international condemnation, economic sanctions and constant calls for it to return the peninsula to Ukraine. But, Putin He has said he never will.

Since then, the Kremlin It has politically and militarily backed pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine in their war against the country’s army.

According to the newspaper The Country of Spainindependent international reports have traced the shipment of Russian arms to the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. in the of Donbásthe last war EuropeSome 14,000 people have died, according to estimates by the HIM-HER-IT.

Tension has been constant in the Eastern European zone ever since. But the new Russian movements have generated an even greater tension before what the West considers as an imminent possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The concentration of tens of thousands of Russian soldiers around the borders with Ukraine and the constant sending of military maneuvers of Russiaare the signals that U.S and his allies have considered alarming and very serious about the intentions of the Kremlin.

But the crisis on the border between Russia Y Ukraine has additional repercussions. The EU and US They already have a package of measures ready that they could apply if the threat materializes.

Vladimir Putin Vladimir Putin

One aspect that cannot be ignored is that most of the gas supply used in Europe comes from Russiathrough a gas pipeline that crosses Ukraine.

In the midst of the tensions and risks that this means, USA explore other viable options, such as Qatarto make the supply.

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The defense of Kyiv

The request of the Ukrainian president, Volodimir Zelenskyto speed up the country’s entry into the OTAN was not well received Moscowfrom where they responded with the deployment of troops and military exercises on the border between the two countries.

Faced with the increase in tensions, the international community got ready to implement a joint and severe response in case Russian troops cross the line.

Since the end of last year, high-level talks have been held between officials of the Russian regime of the governments Westerners supported by United States, France and England.

even the presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin They have held phone calls in an attempt to get diplomacy to prevail in this conflict. Even this weekend, both leaders spoke again for an hour on the subject, without any definitive response indicating the beginning of the end of the conflict.



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