How did a can of ‘Good Snack’ tuna end up in a Russian combat ration kit? – Present

On May 8, journalist Filipe Caetano from TVI/CNN Portugal, who is reporting in Ukraine, posted on Twitter a photo of a Russian combat food kit with a very Portuguese element: a can of tuna branded ‘Bom Snack’.

contacted by SAPO24Cofaco, the company that owns the canned food brand, explained that it “does not export to Russia, is not authorized to export to Russia, nor is it aware that any of its clients, Portuguese or foreign, do so (with an item purchased to Cofaco).”

Assuming that there is no direct and logical way to “explain the presence of Bom Petisco in the Russian army”, the company contacted the journalist who published the photo on social media to identify the batch number of the can in question and thus follow him the trail.

“We were able to trace the can from its origin to its departure from the company, a circumstance that is particularly relevant given the fact that last March we made a donation of 24,000 cans of Bom Petisco Azeite tuna, destined for Ukraine”, reveals the company. .

The donation was made through the Association of Ukrainians in Portugal. “The cargo was destined for the Ukrainian city of Lviv, and Cofaco received confirmation of the arrival of the cargo at its destination. that are unknown to us”, they say.

contacted by SAPO24Pavlo Sadokha, president of the association, confirmed the sequence of events, explaining that the “24,000 cans of tuna for humanitarian aid destined for Ukraine” were delivered to a center in Ternopil, a city about 130 kilometers from Lviv, and then distributed.

Sadokha revealed that he has already contacted the center that received the donation to try to understand what happened, however, he has already spoken with the foundation in Kiev, where the can was found by the Portuguese journalist, and, according to the information revealed, there are two major ” mysteries” unsolved.

The Russian army’s combat ration package “was delivered by the Ukrainian soldiers who recovered the town of Bucha, intact”. This is where the first big question arises: according to the seal, this kit was sealed on April 6, 2020.

If such information already makes it difficult to explain the presence of the Portuguese brand can in the package, the fact that the list that lists each item in it contains all the products that were inside, except for the canned food, adds to the mystery.

The association will therefore continue to make contacts on the ground to understand in more detail what may have happened.

Army ration packages, called MRE (Meals Ready to Eat), are normally made up of non-perishable and easy-to-consume goods, such as canned goods or crackers. However, since the beginning of the war in February, it has been reported that the supplies made available to the Russian army have been insufficient – ​​and there have even been cases of soldiers being sent to Ukraine with MRE after the deadline.



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