How companies reach their employees via digital signage

Corporate digital signage is an important trend in corporate communications. Many companies already use digital channels, be it e-mails, intranet, chats, etc., to communicate with their employees. Corporate digital signage – i.e. the provision of information via screens – is another channel to reach people in the company. Anyone who thinks of overcrowded e-mail inboxes, hardly used or completely forgotten intranets or other PDF cemeteries immediately understands why corporate digital signage works as a communication channel: the screens and the information displayed on them cannot be overlooked because they are in frequently used places , where employees become aware of it. For example in the cafeteria, in the corridor or in the toilets.

Not only internally, but also externally

In addition to being used as an internal means of communication to reach employees with important information, companies can also use corporate digital signage to communicate with customers and guests and provide them with relevant information. For example, in the form of personalized welcome messages, directions to the booked meeting room, a general display board for the company, for playing an image video, etc. With the option of presenting a wide range of content, companies can also use digital signage to significantly influence the atmosphere in a room influence.

As varied as the tasks that corporate digital signage can take on are as diverse as the industries that can use the corresponding solutions. Industrial production companies with many “offline employees” benefit in particular. They don’t sit at the computer all day and hardly have the opportunity to use another digital means of communication during work. Corporate communications should also reach these employees with relevant information, just like the “online employees”. Otherwise “offliners” would be disadvantaged or, in the worst case, excluded from the digital flow of information.

Content must be dynamic

The benefits of corporate digital signage are obvious. And the installation of corresponding solutions is manageable with comprehensive advice and correct project planning. The various displays are recorded centrally, either from an on-site server or from the cloud. It is particularly important for companies that want to use digital signage to understand that it is part of corporate communication to the extent described and that it is most likely to be located there in the organizational chart. Those responsible for communication must accordingly define goals, measures, workflows and roles that are necessary for the beneficial use of the solution. In the end, the most important thing is the quality of the content displayed. Content must change dynamically so that there is no habituation effect. Because the screens should not only be seen, but their content should be perceived. So that they don’t face the same threat as the forgotten intranet.

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