The Lee Confederate Monument in Virginia was piled and sawn. Now we have taken up toponyms. They promise to clean up everything where the word “black” is.

First, they will be sent to a special storage. And then they will dispose of it, or, more simply, they will saw it for scrap. American media – about the monument to Robert Lee in Richmond, Virginia, which was dismantled by the decision of the governor and the local court.

Equestrian figure with a height of 130 meters was installed in 1890. Was one of the most significant Confederate monuments in the United States. By the way, not everyone wanted to part with her. A large group of Richmond residents recently demanded that the statue of the southern warlord be recognized as an object of historical and architectural heritage.

Actually, that’s why the case came to court hearings. However, the enthusiasts did not achieve their goal. Because the opinion of Black Lives Matter activists is obviously much more appreciated in the USA now. And for them, General Lee, first of all, is a symbol of slavery. Although he considered slavery a “vicious institution.”

Of course, no one began to delve into such nuances. But even with such a victory, no matter how big it may be, BLMschiki and the liberals sympathetic to them will hardly be satisfied. And in principle – the demolition of objectionable monuments is not enough for them.

There is, say, an ambitious idea – to rename all toponyms where there is the word “black” or its derivatives. For example, Negro Creek Road in Tennessee. Or Lake Negro in Texas.

The dismantling of the 12-ton sculpture in America has become something of a national holiday. The demolition of the monument to General Lee in Virginia, the former capital of the Confederate states, was broadcast live on federal and cable TV channels, without interruption even for advertising. The crowd in Richmond greeted the statue from the monument with a construction crane, applauding and cheering.

“It’s a long journey, part of the healing process for Virginia – to move forward, embrace diversity, be hospitable, be inclusive, and it will let people know we have lights on and our doors open,” says Ralph Northam, Governor of Virginia …

The statue of Lee, contrary to promises to be sent for storage to the local museum, was destroyed immediately, symbolically sawing the general in half. Now there are no monuments left on Monument Avenue. Two-meter granite pillars, once crowned with monuments to the Confederates, are now lonely waiting for new, politically correct symbols of the era to be installed on them.

But America risks forgetting this story. After all, monuments to the Confederates were not erected to praise the slave owners. The United States as such became a single state thanks to the fact that General Lee’s signature appeared on the surrender agreement. The very idea of ​​the country is based on the principle of consolidation, which has created its own pantheon of values ​​and symbols in American society, which until recently, along with the founding fathers, included the heroes of the South.

“Our culture is being destroyed, and our history and heritage, both good and bad, are being destroyed by the radical left, and we cannot allow this! If Robert Lee commanded the troops in Afghanistan, everything would have ended long ago with complete and total victory. we are facing because we do not have the genius of Robert Lee, “said Donald Trump.

In addition to the demolition of monuments, America carefully erases General Lee and other Confederates from the names of streets, parks and squares. BLM hysteria does not subside. The Houston Association of Realtors refused to use the terms “master bedroom” and “master’s bathroom” in their real estate brochures, because if there are masters, then their slaves must be somewhere. And the Museum of Man in San Diego was renamed the Museum of Us – a man, apparently, is not a very politically correct name.

“This is a struggle for history, because history is, in general, what determines society, yes, whoever controls the past controls the present. And how you define history, interpret, so you will relate to current events,” – says Malek Dudakov, an American political scientist.

They are trying to erase the names of the presidents of Washington and Jefferson from history, and they, too, once owned slaves. In this light, the renaming of the American capital is only a matter of time. The fight against racism has long since shifted from trying to get on the same level with the oppressors to a completely different level, where the minority boldly strides over the heads of the oppressors.

“The fair idea of ​​combating racism very quickly degenerates into reverse racism, into inverted racism, in which the colored part, the African American part of America, not only demands equal rights, but seeks to dominate and humiliate the white part,” notes Vladimir Shapovalov. Deputy Director of the Institute of History and Politics of the IPY.

After all, while Derek Chauvin, who killed the black George Floyd in the line of duty, was sentenced by an American court to almost 23 years in prison, the policeman who shot the Air Force veteran during the storming of the Capitol, white Ashley Babbot, was fully acquitted.


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