EThere are aphorisms, the veracity of which is constantly proven. The quote attributed to Coco Chanel “You can buy fashion, you have to have style” is one of them. Top model Gigi Hadid recently demonstrated how much truth there is in it.

On Instagram, she showed pictures of her New York apartment. “I spent the past year realizing my heart project: my dream place.” The tour begins with an oriental-inspired sofa landscape by Missoni with orange, blue and purple upholstery, a pillow peeking in from the side in the typical zigzag pattern . Another pillow is designed by French designer Jean Paul Gaultier. In addition to the flat-screen TV, old wooden skis and a snowboard in rainbow colors stand in a basket. A jagged picture of the artist Austyn Weiner hangs on the wall paneled with wood next to it.

In general, Hadid has a penchant for eccentric decorative elements. A wooden bowl with billiard balls stands on the yellow kitchen counter. (Unfortunately, the obvious question of what they lost there is not answered.) Various types of pasta in red, orange and blue are embedded in the cupboard doors of the sideboard. (All dyed, of course, by Linda Miller Nicholson of Seattle, who calls herself a “pasta ninja” and charges around $ 60 for unformed pasta dough on her website.)

In front of the entrance to the toilet there is a full-length yellow ballpoint pen and in the small cabinet the walls are covered with striped marble with no space between them and old New York editions. In the rest of the apartment, Hadid pairs patterned carpets, pictures and upholstery in screaming colors that are rarely complementary. One inevitably wonders how a model who spends his day-to-day work in the most tasteful haute couture can bring so little taste into his own four walls.

Your fans are also wondering. On Twitter, they compared Hadid’s furnishing style with “that of a student hostel chain” and described the photos as “abysmally terrible” and “causing nightmares”.

So for those who asked themselves during the lockdown whether they would be happier if they had their own apartment and had more money for the interior, this Instagram route is recommended to calm them down: You can rent an apartment for almost $ 6 million buy it in Manhattan and stuff it with the most expensive designer accessories – and yet the result looks as if the four-year-old niece got stuck in the paint box and then generously sprinkled unicorn dust over it. You can’t buy style, Coco Chanel was right about that.