How beautiful your shoes: they accuse the cameraman

Matilda Blanco recounted the sexual harassment she suffered from the cameraman who was fired and who assured that he only greeted with a “hello pretty”.

A cameraman from “El Hotel de los Famosos” was displaced by accusations of sexual harassment. The former Boxfish employee would have bothered reality figures. Matilda Blanco referred to the complaint.

In a dialogue with the journalist Juan Etchegoyen, he explained: “On more than one occasion he stuck his head out of the camera and said ‘How cute your shoes are'”.

“I saw that he did it more with other girls. I am more covered and wear other types of clothes, but the girls who are in short shorts, who can do it if they feel like it, I was not amused when I spied on them so much,” said the former participant of the contest that is broadcast by eltrece.

Blanco shot: “He stuck his head out, looked at you and winked at you. We women have already learned to recognize looks. It didn’t happen that much with me, I think it was once, and what happened with the girls I didn’t see as much, but they commented that they felt that”, clarified Matilda Blanco.




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