“How are you jet?”, neighbors insulted Sergio Massa

The new Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, accompanied President Alberto Fernández to reopen the train. His presence annoyed and they insulted him

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06/08/2022 – 09,27hs

The new Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, accompanied President Alberto Fernández to Santa Fe to reopen the train service that connects Rosario with Cañada de Gómez. However, his presence seemed to bother a group of residents of the latter town, who he insulted him and made the video viral by networks.

“¿how are you choro? Are you all right, delinquent?” says a neighbor and another adds: “Aren’t you ashamed to come to inaugurate a train from prehistory?” Another woman tells him that “they rob us workers. They rob us!”, followed by a man asking him “not to be cheeky” and Massa leaves without making any gestures and limiting himself to saying “no” in a low voice several times.

Faced with the first criticism, another woman began to question her presence at the reopening, “they are not ashamed to come to reopen a train from prehistory”, he asked.

Sergio Massa had approached the people who were behind the fences with the intention of greeting them, but he received more complaints than praise. While he tried to get away from the situation, the two women continued to shout at him: “They rob us, the workers. They rob us, they rob us, they rob us, they rob us, the workers rob us.”

The intersection of Massa with the neighbors

The situation arose when the Argentine President and national officials joined the tour at the Correa station, and when they got off at Cañada de Gómez they were received by a crowd. In the midst of applause, hugs and photos, Sergio Massa was called by a group of neighbors, but their intentions were not what the minister expected.

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The escrache to Massa was not the only one suffered by a leader. In recent days there have been insults to different officials and leaders of the Kirchnerist Front of All as a result of the crisis that the country is going through and the coalition led by Cristina Kirchner.

Among those insulted in recent days are the social leader Juan Grabois and the former Minister of Health, Ginés González García, who were insulted.

In this case, Massa was approached by the people when he was in the central act in Santa Fe, where Governor Omar Perotti also participated along with Alberto Fernández, the Minister of Transportation, Alexis Guerrera, and the community president, Stella Maris.

Massa in an act with shocks

Sergio Massa and Alberto Fernández had attended the province of Santa Fe to reopen the railway section that connects Rosario with Cañada de Gómez. This is the first official activity shared by the President and the new head of the Economy portfolio since he took office on Wednesday of this week.

“The train connects us, unites us. We are a federal country and we have to unite more than ever. We must take another step, it is the unity of Argentines,” Fernández said in his speech.



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