Without a doubt, one of the virtues of El Palacio de Hierro, through its more than 130 years of existence, has been its ability to adapt to all kinds of moments, crises, times and trends.

It is a fact that the reputation of the brands is based – largely – on the experience that the customer goes through when buying. From the welcome and reception, to visually how they take care of the aesthetics of the exhibited products and shop windows, and El Palacio de Hierro has understood this premise so well that they consider it as the most important factor, for which its consumers have been faithful for decades. .

Now, it is a reality that the health emergency took more than one industry by surprise, and forced brands to begin to see everything related to the world of digital platforms as an ally.

One of the biggest challenges for companies, without fear of being mistaken, begins in the transition to digitization, followed by the issue of logistics, but as we emphasized at the beginning, the key is to adapt, come out of this change virtuous and adopt this channel as an opportunity to reach more people and demonstrate that technology today brings us closer at all levels.

The Palacio de Hierro, for its part, has already taken steps to meet the goal of offering the best experiences, with a completely renovated e-commerce platform, with a new design, better navigation and much more friendly and intuitive filters for the users.

In the contact centers, it reinforced the number of people and updated all the training protocols to improve the customer service experience in a comprehensive way.

The Palacio de Hierro has been a member of PROFECO’s express conciliation program since December 2019, and to date there is 95% customer service via conciliation.

On the other hand, faced with the new normality, Grupo Palacio de Hierro implemented strict safety and hygiene protocols that are here to stay, focusing mainly on safeguarding the health and safety of both its employees and its customers and suppliers.

These measures include the promotion of distancing, the compulsory use of face masks, sanitizing mats, taking of temperature and limited capacity, among others.