Houses of Light.. The Ancient Mosque in El-Fasher and Tayet Maryam.. Written by: Mohamed Badawy

Houses of Light.. The Ancient Mosque in El-Fasher and Tayet Maryam.. Written by: Mohamed Badawy

The article begins and ends committed to upholding every effort, and promoting good deeds with appreciation. This premise makes it not close to belittling or slander, as much as it is an appreciative approach while advancing proposals that may pave the way towards Bahaa in the biography of houses in which the call to prayer is raised and prayers are held, and the intentions of those who look at it Kindly, compassion and intent.

Social media carried news about choosing the last Friday in the month of Sha’ban, which coincides with the seventeenth of March 2023, as the date for the opening of the Al-Fasher Grand Mosque after the completion of the building that was built on the ruins of the mighty building. Hadith on a contemporary pattern, the inauguration came after about six years that it took to accomplish the replacement, and it is an effort for which those who donated the effort of supervision are thanked, and a prayer for goodness for everyone who extends a hand of goodness secretly or openly, as acceptance and reward are from the Almighty.
The novels suggest that the old building was built in 1933, after those who used to live in it, including the family of Khawaja Aklam and Mrs. Maryam Bet Sultan Ibrahim Kard, the owner of the house that was not extinguished, moved away from the site. The building carried an architectural style that sided with the colonial period, making it belong to a group of many buildings within the city In other parts of the world, in the same fashion, some of them entered the scope of evaluation, while the separation between the old building and that classification was five years as a maximum estimate. The area of ​​​​the mosque is estimated to be about 10,000 square meters, so the question arose: Was it possible with the modernization effort to preserve the historical and archaeological value!
In view of the condition of the mosque before during the past 33 years, it is possible to note the changes that occurred and were represented in the phenomenon of shops built on the walls of the total area of ​​​​the mosque. It is an act that was not in the past, and history did not witness the retreat of the best from serving places of worship.
The inauguration of the new building came and separated him from the departure of Maulana Abd al-Latif Bashir, the previous salary imam, a long period of time since he had forgiveness and mercy for about 25 days. Condolences to his family, his son Muhammad and his brother Maulana Bashir and the rest of his family members, friends and acquaintances of his grace, as he was a teacher in rhetoric and the imam, as he used to repeat surahs and verses On the face of choice, especially in the Friday prayer, it centered around the righteousness of parents, and the reward of piety, so generations passed on memorizing it from lining up behind him. Between reverence and distance from prolongation, he was observant of everyone’s condition and for those with a situation of ease. His voice leaked out with a pleasant accent. His recitation was as sweet and gentle as his name. Although we are from a generation that “sighed” our ears in the time context of Maulana Abd al-Latif, but the memory of giving includes with mercy the previous imams from Maulana Kakum, Ibrahim Abd al-Majid, al-Sharif Karrar, according to the Prophet Yusuf, and for a short period, Maulana Malik, the muezzins Abdullah Youssef “Yusufwa.” His name is also mentioned with goodness in the record of the generation of fighters who burned the English flag in El Fasher in 1952, Hassan Cox and Al-Tahir Fadl Center for all of them, and for those whom I missed, he mentioned mercy and good manners.
Here is the new building testifying to the beginning of a state that revealed a great effort and giving until the situation was completed and the worshipers were permitted to pray in its yard on the last Friday of Sha’ban. Hassan will be completed as we direct our insight towards what was built on the walls of the mosque and contemplate the absence of those places from being connected to the place. We will find that fencing the places of worship with privacy Appropriate and honor them. Attaching rented shops to public utility buildings under the pretext or characterization of investment is a situation that is tainted by many things that cannot be mentioned in this record, which makes the extension of that situation to places of worship in a way that only the entrances were left, a matter that requires serious thinking to separate the sanctity of places of worship and the activities that are approaching. From his banner is the investment, and God is beautiful and loves beauty.

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