There were problems on the A2 for hours on Monday. On the road from Den Bosch to Utrecht, a truck carrying chickens overturned on Sunday night. A truck burned out in the direction from Utrecht to Den Bosch. The A2 was then closed in both directions.

The truck with chickens overturned near Kerkdriel. The burned-out truck was also there.

Gone in time
The report about the burned-out truck was the first to come in on Sunday night, around a quarter to four in the morning. The driver managed to park his truck on the hard shoulder and get out of the cab in time. The cause of the fire is being investigated. This truck was carrying plastic balls.

The accident on the other side of the road is said to have been caused by a truck driver suddenly braking. The truck with chickens then collided with this truck and overturned. The damage to the road was extensive, but none of the drivers involved were reported to have been injured.

Due to these problems on the road, diversions were put in place. Due to all this detouring traffic, there were also considerable traffic jams here. Especially on the roads to the north. On the A59 from Waalwijk to the Hooipolder junction, the delay was more than an hour around 7:30 am and on the A27 from Oosterhout to Werkendam more than 45 minutes.

An accident happened on the A59 near Vlijmen just before half past eight. Here, motorists heading for Den Bosch then had to take into account a delay of about 45 minutes.

The A2 from Utrecht to Den Bosch reopened around 9 a.m. Monday morning. The road from Den Bosch to Utrecht was released around noon.

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