Hotels satisfied with summer so far


Half of the summer holidays are over and the local hotels and restaurants are satisfied with the interim results. The utilization is good, the search for staff and the uncertain forecasts for the winter are still problematic.

The local hoteliers draw a positive interim balance for this summer. Holidays in Austria have also recently become much more popular with guests from Austria. The increase in prices has hardly any effect on the number of guests – people want to afford their vacation and save for it, according to the industry.

Gastronomy clearly feels price increases

Gastronomy experiences it a little differently. “Guests have become more economical with their money. They think about where they are going, what they are consuming because the rising energy prices are affecting all of us,” says Klaus Friedl, spokesman for restaurateurs in the Styrian Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, there is the well-known lack of staff in the industry. Although mentally there were more employees than a few years ago, many employees would forgo full-time employment in view of the work-life balance, says Friedl: “Instead of a 40-hour worker, you have a 30-hour worker and instead of a 30-hour force, a 20-hour force. At some point the time will run out when you can entertain the guest.” The consequences are shortened menus, days off or company holidays to make ends meet, says Friedl.

Price planning currently hardly possible

The hotel industry in particular is looking towards winter with a certain amount of hope, but also with concern. “We now have to calculate the prices for the winter. At the moment, however, we cannot name any prices for the coming season because we do not know how prices will develop. That affects us, as far as the booking situation is concerned, that we have a certain security and planning security,” says Johann Spreitzhofer, spokesman for the hotel industry in the Chamber of Commerce.

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