Hotel guest films destruction after Diemerhof explosion: “The damage is very great”

Early this morning, a hotel guest filmed the damage caused by the explosion in the lobby of hotel Via at the Diemerhof in Diemen. You can see how a few tourists are led outside through the devastation and that the damage is extensive.

Most hotel guests were probably sitting up in bed because of the explosion, but four French hotel guests we spoke to were awakened by the alarm: “We didn’t hear the bang, but the alarm let us get out of bed.” They were evacuated and taken to another hotel nearby with the others: “We were able to sleep there for a few hours, but the damage is very extensive.”

Another hotel guest saw money from the machine on the floor as he walked out. During the morning, the tourists were allowed to collect their belongings from the rooms. However, they will still be housed in the nearby buildings, the damage in the hotel itself is still too great.

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