Francisco Figueiredo, leader of the Federation of Agriculture, Food, Beverages, Hospitality and Tourism Trade Unions of Portugal (FESAHT), told the Lusa news agency that sector they will be “in struggle for the replacement of the rights that were taken from them with the argument of the pandemic and for better wages”.

The fortnight begins in Porto with a concentration with the delegation of the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT), organized by the Union of Workers in the Hotel, Tourism, Restaurants and Similar Industry in the North, to demand the intervention of that supervisory entity.

“At ACT do Norte, 231 requests for intervention against illegal labor were delivered, but only 26 were answered,” explained Francisco Figueiredo.

According to the union leader, thousands of workers in the sector hotels and restaurants, across the country, “have been victims of companies that are taking advantage of the pandemic to take away their rights and income”.

Overdue wages, illegal lay-offs and forced vacations are some of the complaints made by the union structure.

For today, a strike is also scheduled in the canteen of the Faro hospital and plenary sessions in the canteens of the Coimbra hospitals and in the Bingo de Setúbal.

Throughout the week, other actions fight in school cafeterias and next to several hotels.

“THE objective of all this is also to denounce what is happening in this sector, where there are workers who have not received a salary for four months and have no support “, said Francisco Figueiredo.

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