Fabio ‘Siva’ Pegna, owner of the ‘Stupido Hotel’ in Miramare

Rimini, 11 October 2021 – One euro per night for the suite: are you crazy?
“This is the price I ask guests in exchange for giving up their privacy during the holiday, which will be broadcast live on the web”, smiles Fabio ‘Siva’ Pegna, owner of the ‘Stupido Hotel’ in Miramare, a three-star hotel with 14 supersuite from 35 to 40 square meters each, with two or three balconies.
Do you know that the theme of ‘indecent offers’ from hotels is always topical?
“Yes, but this has nothing to do with it. It’s pure marketing.”
A form of promotion?
“Yes. I absolutely count on. Ever since I launched the idea on social networks, I am full of phone calls from aspiring tourist-actors, including some influencers”, smiles the businessman of Apulian origins, who rented the structure in 2016 and transformed it into a trendy hotel. With age limits: from 18 to 50.
Who has proposed so far?
“There is a physiotherapist from Campania, a doctor from Fano, a masseuse, a very overweight boy and so on. Almost thirty”.
Will only some of the suites be rented for one euro?
“Of course, I will use the three suites on the fourth floor for live streaming, while the remaining eleven suites will be rented at full price”.
That is to say?
“In June a 35-meter suite costs 80 euros, minimum stay two nights. Those with three balconies 120 euros. Prices that increase by 30 euros in July, and reach 180 euros in August. The hotel does not offer kitchen service” .
Returning to his’ experiment to ‘, how will it be organized?
“Three cameras will be placed in each of the three suites, plus others in the common areas: terraces with deck chairs and umbrellas, in the corridor where guests will have breakfast, in the whirlpool area, etc.”
Where can you follow the ‘Big Brother in the hotel’?
“The live streaming will be on different platforms: 24 hours on Twitch; 12 hours on You Tube, two hours on Facebook”.
And what do we do with intimacy?
“The vision will be reserved for adults, but sex will be forbidden in any case, a question of opportunity linked to censorship”.
When do the live broadcasts start?
“From the reopening of the hotel, which is seasonal, ie April 15, until September 1”.
How will you select the aspiring tourist-actors?
“I want to create a sort of ‘Noah’s Ark’ at each shift, which will last 5 days, bringing together heterogeneous people, couples and individuals, each time”.
“A gay couple and a homophobic couple, a guest with his dog and one who can’t stand animals. The casting will be done with surprise video calls, without warning, to see how they behave on camera.”
Will the guests be ‘detained’ for 5 days or will they be able to go out?
“The idea is to give two hours of free time a day. Not all together to avoid possible ‘combine’, but room by room”.
How did you come up with the idea of ​​renaming the hotel Stupido Hotel, was it inspired by Vasco Rossi’s song?
“No, I just looked for an unusual name, and this one is really unique.”

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