hot+ |  Podcast Production: High quality audio recordings for free with Zencastr

hot+ | Podcast Production: High quality audio recordings for free with Zencastr

With specialized services, interviews or podcasts with distant guests can be recorded. We show how to do this for free with the Zencastr application.

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Some platforms connect participants together on a web interface, similar to Zoom, but attach particular importance to a low-latency, flawless video and, above all, audio connection. The providers design their products primarily for podcasts and live streams. They save the audio tracks in the local browser and automatically upload them to the provider at the end of the session, who mixes them together, edits them and makes a finished product available for download.

examples are Riverside, Squadcast and StreamYard. However, they cost at least 20 euros per month – too much for someone who would like to occasionally enrich the hobby podcast with a remote interview. The platform is an exception Zencastr. It offers a free “Free” account with which you can get started immediately after registering online. A small obstacle: So far, the service is only available in English.

After logging in, Zencastr presents a clear dashboard (“Playground”). If you would like to start a podcast, it is best to create it as a “show” and then add the “episodes” to this show. To prepare a recording, click “+New” in the top right, select “Episode” from the drop-down menu and press the oversized “Record Episode” icon.

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