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Since Friday, hoteliers and vacation rental providers in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania have been able to receive guests from other federal states again. Day tourists, however, have to wait until June 11th. The big wave of arrivals has so far failed to materialize.

After the rather cautious restart on Friday, it remained comparatively quiet on Saturday in most of the tourist strongholds in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The approaches to the islands of Usedom, Fischland-Darß-Zingst and Rügen were largely free in the morning. And the beaches were still relatively empty on Saturday. At only 13 degrees, the water is not quite suitable for bathing. Leisure facilities, which are usually very full at this time of year, still have sufficient capacity. Karls Erdbeerhof’s visitor barometer is still green in Zirkow, Warnemünde and Koserow, only in Rövershagen there is something more going on. But there is still plenty of space for visitors.

Lots of space on the campsites

Hoteliers and vacation rental owners are also waiting for vacationers in the Mecklenburg Lake District. 100 campers had just arrived at the largest campsite in the Haff-Müritz region in Waren on Saturday. There would be space for around 1,000 guests. So far, only a few guests have traveled to the hotels. The easing was too short-term, according to one hotelier. For example, the state of Fleesensee is not even half full. The decision to open was only at the beginning of the week. When the holidays start, most hotels, campsites and holiday apartments in the region are almost fully booked.

Not all hotels open yet

Not all hotels are open yet. The managing director of the regional tourism association, Tobias Woitendorf, assumes that around half of the businesses will cover the entire north-east. The managing director of the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea Baths Association, Anett Bierholz, spoke of around 70 percent open hotels for her area, i.e. the Baltic Sea coast between Boltenhagen and Graal-Müritz. In addition, the expected utilization is manageable – the time between the announcement and opening was too short for many. A view over the beach in Warnemünde also fits in with this. Despite the sunny weather there are only a few beach visitors, many beach chairs are locked.

Survey: Every third company sees its existence in danger

Because of the long lockdown, the industry is not doing well. In a recent survey by the State Tourism Association of 300 businesses in the northeast, almost one in three businesses stated that their existence was at risk or even acutely threatened – in April, however, it was significantly more – 43 percent. Every second company still needs government aid, and 42 percent of employees are still on short-time work.

Seaside resorts have prepared

Coach tourism to the northeast is also possible again with a negative corona test. The large tourism centers on the Baltic Sea such as Binz on Rügen have prepared in detail for the season under Corona conditions. They invited their tourism experts in advance, explained regulations, created emergency plans and trained Corona test helpers. With the opening of tourism to locals, second home owners, permanent campers and boat owners at the end of May, some tourist facilities have already started work again.

Stralsund is preparing for an increased need for information

At the start of tourism for all guests, information facilities in Stralsund will be fully opened. “The need for information from our guests will be great in view of the numerous regulations that will accompany this tourism season”, says the operations manager of the tourist office, André Kretzschmar. City tours will also take place again. Although no corona test is necessary for this, it is mandatory for many tourist offers according to state regulations. The Hanseatic City of Stralsund has created a corresponding test infrastructure for residents and guests alike in cooperation with private providers.

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4.000 Tests pro Tag in Wismar

In the Hanseatic city of Wismar, the World Heritage House, the St. Marien and St. Georgen churches are open to guests – but here, too, only with a mask, distance and negative corona test, which is not older than 24 hours. There is a large test center in the old town and a few other providers – it is said that 4,000 tests should be feasible per day. In Parchim, as in many other cities, the outdoor pool is open again – the tourist information has distributed city maps and flyers to the hotels and guest houses for the guests – signs of a spirit of optimism. Still, the industry remains cautious. The managing director of the regional tourism association, Tobias Woitendorf: “We will have a bigger minus this year than in 2020 – no matter what comes next.” Last year there was a drop of 30 percent in overnight stays.

Police are back in the pool service on site

With the start of tourism, the police also started the pool service. The additional police patrols are intended to improve the safety of tourists nationwide in holiday resorts, on beaches and on campsites. Last year, a total of up to 200 police officers were on duty for this purpose. In addition to their patrol services, where they keep an eye on street crime, the officials are supposed to be on hand to give vacationers advice and assistance if necessary.

Corona in MV

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