Hossam Ghaly’s visit ignites Musimani’s anger against the president of Al-Ahly | video

Muhammad Shabana said on his “Box to Box” program, broadcast on Al-Ahly satellite channel, etc.: “Mahmoud Al-Khatib, Chairman of Al-Ahly Club and the supervisor of the club’s football file, decided to hold a private session with Al-Ahly coach Petso Mosimane.”

He continued, “The president of Al-Ahly club, Hossam Ghaly, commissioned a session with Musimani and Abdel Hafeez yesterday at the Touch Stadium to find out the reason for Musimani’s exciting statement, and then presented the result of what Ghaly reached to the Al-Ahly administration before the expected meeting between Al-Khatib and Musimani.”

He continued, “The session comes to investigate with the coach about his statements he made during the past hours regarding the lack of knowledge of Kahraba’s departure from Al-Ahly for the Turkish Hatay, and that the Al-Ahly administration decided the player’s departure.”

And he continued: “An official source revealed that Musimani expressed his strong anger during his conversation with the support apparatus because of Ghali’s presence and asking him questions about what he had done regarding Kahraba’s departure and his preparations to participate in the League Cup.”

And the General Assembly of Al-Ahly Football Company had announced the appointment of Alaa Abdel-Sadek as a member of the company’s board of directors, and the acceptance of Hossam Ghaly’s apology after he became a member of the club’s board of directors, especially since the regulation forbids combining the two positions.

This came in the meeting that took place today, in the presence of Mahmoud Al-Khatib, representing the club, Yassin Mansour, chairman of the company’s board of directors, Eng. Khaled Murtaji, the club’s treasurer, representing Al-Ahly Media Production Company, Hussam Ghaly, a member of the board of directors, as deputy general supervisor of the ball, and Mustafa Murad Fahmy, deputy chairman of the company’s board of directors. And Ibrahim Al-Munisi, representing Al-Ahly magazine.


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