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HERMOSILLO, Sonora.- If a person needs medical attention, it’s the citizens who should call 911 to be taken to the hospital and can attend to it, as established by the national pre-hospital care protocol, said Jorge Rubén Bejar Cornejo, director of the State General Hospitalabout the death of a street person, outside the HGE.

We didn’t pay attention to this person, it’s true because 911 wasn’t called, we were the ones who talked to him as soon as we found out, but we don’t go for the patients, the patients bring us,” he said. “The National Referral System and Medical Emergencies determine that hospitals receive patients, and the example is that when a person has an accident, they don’t call the hospital, they call 911 so they don’t bring it,” he explained.

According to the autopsy report, the deceased died today due to s serious infection and a heart attackhe informed, but when he found out his serious condition, they didn’t know if he had fallen from the bridge, if he had been run over or any contagious condition.

Because of this, and because hospital staff do not have the same protective equipment as others emergency units, could not expose workers without knowing the patient’s condition; legally they would not have to do this type of service.

Why don’t we go out for him? Because we don’t know if this person was attacked, if he fell off the bridge, if he had infectious meningitis, that he actually died of an infection, and our ambulances are not equipped to deal with this kind of emergency,” he said.

We have staff as good as the Red Cross, yes, there are professional paramedics who are excellent at their jobs, but they don’t have the protective equipment because legally that’s not our function,” he said.


If homeless people surround the State General Hospital, it is because there care has always been givenhe assured, and they are even allowed to cool off, drink water, go to the bathroom or eat, if necessary.

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The reason they can’t stay is that it’s not a hostel, but a hospital, and every bed has to be used only for hospital issuesand people who really need medical attention.

Homeless people surround the HGE because they are allowed to cool off, drink water, go to the bathroom or eat, if necessary. | GH

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