A terrible tragedy for this Scottish family, plunged in mourning. A possible misdiagnosis that is causing a stir among the British population and beyond.


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22-11-21, 12:29

Times, Daily Record, Facebook

Theia McKie, 7, from Dumfries, Scotland, died in troubling circumstances last Wednesday at her home, reports the Times. The little girl was admitted on Monday, November 15 at the local hospital, Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary, following unexplained “violent headaches”. She had spent the night under observation but was allowed to return home the next day, despite the persistence of her symptoms. The doctors had indeed diagnosed him with a “simple migraine”. She tragically succumbed to her pain less than 24 hours later (continued below).

“She was screaming in pain”

According to her mother, Tracey, devastated and inconsolable, Theia began to “scream in pain” as soon as she got home. She was in deep pain “as soon as she was exposed to a bright light”: “She kept throwing up”. Worried, Tracey had also confided to friends her incomprehension: “Our little one came back but she is not better. They say it is a migraine while she is in agony, ”she lamented a few hours before the unbearable fatal epilogue.

“Happy, funny, full of life”

The mother wanted to thank on Facebook all the expressions of support received in recent days and paid a last poignant tribute to her child: “She was happy, funny, full of life, always smiling, she loved to sing, dance, draw, she just loved to love! She was the very essence of life! She lived and loved without ever thinking about the next day ”, she shares.

The expected autopsy verdict

The family, plunged into the most total incomprehension, however promised not to indulge in the slightest speculation on the potential responsibility of the hospital before knowing the verdict of the expected autopsy in the coming days.

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