Hospital in Vienna – Farewell celebrated from colleague – 14 women are discharged without notice

16 employees of a hospital in Vienna were given notice without notice. The reason? You should not have taken the mask requirement so strictly during a celebration and you should not have kept the distances. The reason for the meeting was the farewell of a colleague. Pictures of it were also published on Facebook, as reported by “Today”.

The incident took place in February at the city hospital in Hietzing. The majority of women will not let the dismissal sit on them and have therefore filed a lawsuit. The 14 dismissed insist on the point of view that the celebration was not a party at all, but only a planned half-hour break. In addition, the drinks that were consumed were alcohol-free.

The dismissed employees also point out that they were not properly trained. “If someone had told us that this is not allowed, we would never have done it,” a woman told the “Kronen Zeitung”. Among them are employees who had worked in the hospital for 30 years.