Hospital de São João, in Porto, with covid-19 area “fully occupied”

“In terms of hospitalized patients, we have between 50 and 60 cases, the covid-19 area is fully occupied, so we will observe in the coming days whether or not we will have to increase to other wards, as we did in the other vacancies to respond to the current situation. demand”, said Fernando Araújo at the entrance to the presentation of the book “Health in Portugal — Thinking the Future”, at Santa Casa da Misericórdia do Porto.

The growth in the number of cases has been felt at this Hospital on two levels, namely in access to the emergency service, which has generated “enormous pressure” on it and in the number of health professionals who are infected, reducing the capacity to respond. .

The president assumed that the “pressure is very high” in the emergency room, with the need to have a contingency plan to respond to this demand.

However, Fernando Araújo hopes that the fact that the Government has decided that, from the end of the week, anyone who has a positive self-test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus and calls the Saúde 24 line will have access to an automatic prescription for testing of antigen can reduce the number of users who go to the emergency room and, thus, limit the “excessive demand”.

Regarding a possible return from the INEM Field Hospital, dismantled on August 30, 2021, Fernando Araújo was peremptory in saying that “by no means”.

In the justification, the chairman of the board of directors explained that the Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João made changes to its structure to be able to respond to demand without the need for secondary structures.

And as for the return of mandatory mask use, Fernando Araújo understood that each person must be a “manager of their own risk” and autonomously make the decision to use it or not.

Therefore, he added, at this stage this obligation should not be implemented again.



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