Hospital and Universidad Verde seek to move towards personalized medicine

Within the framework of the interdisciplinary project called ‘Hospital and Green University, together in the search for a healthy environment’, the technical director of the Pharmacotechnics Laboratory, María Inés Argañaráz, belonging to the Avellaneda Hospital Pharmacy Service, stated that “the proposal is move towards a personalized medicine, focused on the patient”.

The specialist, who is also a professor at the Chair of Pharmaceutical Technology II of the Pharmacy career at the UNT, said: «The objective of the Pharmacotechnics laboratory is to elaborate those pharmaceutical formulations that the industry does not produce and others that are available, but that the pharmaceutical form and/or dose must be modified, adapting to the medical prescription that seeks greater therapeutic effectiveness for the benefit of the patient, these are the so-called orphan drugs and off-label use.

Likewise, the specialist stressed that the proposal is to move towards personalized medicine, focused on the patient. Currently the laboratory is dedicated to the design, development, production and quality control of non-sterile compounded and officinal drugs, preferably in solution, suspension and emulsion.

It should be noted that the Pharmacotechnics laboratory has the possibility of sustained growth, since it is located in a property that, due to its building infrastructure and availability of space, provides the opportunity to advance towards other levels of preparation of solid, semi-solid pharmaceutical forms non-sterile and sterile.

“This laboratory has been operating since last year, with the purpose of covering and being attentive to all the demands that the hospital has, such as in pediatric therapy and neonatology, where there is generally a great need for compounded medications. The idea is to cover these therapeutic needs since children and adults do not have access to certain medication, because they are active ingredients that arrive at the laboratory through a Purchasing process, but by import since the active pharmaceutical ingredient is acquired from the drugs. -chemicals that are installed in Germany, Canada, China and India, that is why we make them”, he clarified.

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At the same time, he added: “In this same laboratory, a work process of chemical substances begins, contributing to all the suggestions and guidelines that are being implemented today in green hospitals. In other words, working with these chemical substances, but carrying out an entire production and control process that does not harm the environment, from there it was proposed to work in an interdisciplinary manner with a waste management issue, ”he remarked.

Currently, it is a priority to reduce or monitor those health risks that arise from the use of chemical substances, promoting their substantial reduction and avoiding air, water and soil pollution in order to care for the environment.

“Last year from the effector’s management they sent us a proposal from the Global Health Without Harm Network and we found it very interesting to address it, even from professional training, in my teaching role we always focus on teaching students and future professionals everything related to active pharmaceutical ingredients, to the design of formulas to the preparation of magistrals and their control, but we had never aimed at what is medicinal petreras inertization and inactivation. It is basically the reduction of that potential damage that the drug can bring when it is no longer used, it is expired or in the same manufacturing process.

Finally, Argañaráz explained that this is where the interdisciplinary project arose, between the hospital and the university, which is precisely called “Hospital and Green University together in the search for a healthy environment”. We have generated inter-institutional alliances in order to enhance this purposeful mission. We have already worked with the Faculty of Art, because the idea is to start with a mural specially made by the Chair of Sculpture, with the aim of raising awareness and generating from this action other activities planned to raise awareness and prevent the generation of waste, its treatment and final disposition”, he concluded.

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