Horror over murder in Idar-Oberstein: Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, Geisel, warns of a new dimension of violence and hate – panorama society

The horror in Idar-Oberstein (Rhineland-Palatinate) after the fatal attack on a gas station cashier in the dispute over wearing a corona mask on Saturday evening is great. “This is a very unbelievable, terrible act that happened here in Idar-Oberstein,” said Mayor Frank Frühauf (CDU).

This can also be seen in the great concern of the local people. Many would have laid flowers and wreaths at the gas station. “You can’t compare such an act with anything. It will take a while to process that, ”he said.

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Berlin’s Senator for the Interior, Andreas Geisel (SPD), told Tagesspiegel, “If the background should become clear, we would be dealing with a new dimension of violence and hatred. I am shocked by this terrible act and also by the comment on the act in the relevant messenger services. Every syllable there speaks contempt for human beings. My thoughts are with the victim and the bereaved. ”Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) made a similar statement. “It is outrageous and disgusting when the terrible bloodshed by Idar-Oberstein is now being used online for even more hatred and even more contempt for human beings,” Lambrecht told Tagesspiegel. “Our rule of law must oppose the radicalization of violent Corona deniers with all means. We have significantly tightened the penal provisions against hate messages with our legislative package against hatred and agitation. Anyone who aggressively harasses and threatens must expect charges and convictions.

The security authorities are also appalled. “I think the process is incredible,” said one expert. The brutality in parts of the lateral thinker scene is increasing. He himself, said the expert, had been threatened with beatings when he told a man to put on the mask. The President of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Stephan Kramer, sees “the hodgepodge of lateral thinkers, conspiracy fanatics, Reich citizens and individual preppers” the first signs of terror. “Society should be put in fear and terror,” said Kramer the Tagesspiegel. The perpetrator from Idar-Oberstein apparently “doesn’t even have a sense of guilt”.

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Kramer fears that there will be more deaths

It is to be feared that the act “was not the last and that there are more deaths”. The chairman of the Bund Deutscher Kriminalbeamter (BDK), Sebastian Fiedler, also considers an escalation of the violence to be possible. “You have to ask yourself whether parts of the lateral thinker movement are on the way to terror,” said Fiedler to the Tagesspiegel. The act in Idar-Oberstein is “a clear warning signal with regard to the radicalization in parts of the scene”.

The protection of the constitution warned of deadly violence

The protection of the constitution emphasizes that the killing tragically confirms that it was right to classify the scene of lateral thinkers in parts as objects of observation. “What is happening there is clearly not compatible with democracy,” said a constitutional protector. It is a matter of “sui generis extremism”. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution now has a nationwide eye on the spectrum. In April, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) set up a collective observation object entitled “Delegitimisation of the state that is hostile to democracy and / or endangering security”. BfV President Thomas Haldenwang also spoke at the beginning of September in a program on “Pro 7” of a “spiral of violence that is turning upwards”. He referred to “brutal physical violence, for example against journalists”. Haldenwang warned, “if the spiral of violence continues to turn and is fueled by hatred and agitation, then I would not rule out that such violence could also end fatally at some point”.

However, security circles also spoke of the fact that the perpetrator from Idar-Oberstein could be mentally disturbed. But that does not change the fact that “the trigger for the act was the ideology of the lateral thinkers,” said a high-ranking expert who did not want to be named. With ideology, the inhibition threshold for exercising violence is lowered, especially among people with psychological problems.

There were also dismayed reactions to the act in Idar-Oberstein from federal politics. The Green Group leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt wrote on Twitter: “The terrible murder of a young man in Idar-Oberstein shakes me deeply. To someone who asked to obey the rules. Just to be normal in solidarity. ”And she went on to write:“ It is cruel what effects hatred has. ”

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