Horoscopes for May 2022: This month’s predictions for your sign

May arrives with the agenda full of astrological activity, it is the month that definitely will mark a before and after, in line with the events that this year brings. Not only is it the month of eclipses, it also brings the year’s second retro Mercury, Jupiter’s leap into Aries, and the start of Pluto’s retrograde cycle.

Although the solar eclipse occurred on the last day of April, its effects will be developing more intensely throughout this month. As we advance it in your 2022 horoscopeslos changes and new stories that this eclipse season brings, will be even more palpable after the lunar eclipse on May 16.

The famous season of eclipses that we will live in May comes to transform the way in which you generate money, manifest abundance and invest your resources, but it will also bring opportunities to increase your self-esteem and the value you give to your time and talent. At the same time, it promises somewhat radical changes and endings, the kind of closures that you must experience before jumping to the next big chapter lightly.

This is the horoscope for May 2022 for each sign













Your horoscope predictions for the month of May 2022

And, while the changes and new opportunities are taking shape, Mercury is going to start its second retrograde cycle of the year, this time in Gemini. This retro cycle is going to be felt very strongly, as Mercury is the ruler of Gemini, making the days after May 10th bring the typical pauses and delays of retro Mercury. Try to support your information, review the contracts you sign well and start any process before that day.

Considering that Mercury is going to retrograde in the middle of the eclipse season, prepare to receive delayed information, which brings with it a shock or completely change course than the decisions that were being considered. The plans, projects and procedures that are delayed after May 10, will be defined until the second half of June, so do not get impatient and allow all this energetic combo to accommodate things for you.



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