Horoscopes: Discover your luck for this Saturday, November 20

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Horoscopes usually guide you on what will happen in your destiny according to the zodiac sign with which you were born, today Friday, November 19, and in full full moon Find out what the day holds.

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This says your horoscope this November 20.

Aries: Ideas will flow naturally, this week you stop forcing the mind and you will be surprised by your responsiveness. It will be days in which you will recover some lost object.

Taurus: Secrets will be revealed, if something had been bothering you in previous weeks, these days everything could come to light and when this happens, be careful with your reactions.

Gemini: Days of great strength and union, this union can be with the couple or reinforcing alliances or partnerships. What was sown in previous months you will harvest it this week.

Cancer: Regaining self-esteem will be your task this week, leaving weaknesses behind, leaving unbalanced emotions behind. These are days to put plans and emotions in order.

Leo: Days of a lot of movement, you will have to use a lot of your physical strength so as not to be left half in what comes these days. Good week for removals and sales.

Virgo: You have everything in your favor to close cycles in the best way, be it work, as a couple, or partnerships. Any type of legal matter that comes your way this week will be finalized with great success.

Libra: You bring fatigue from days gone by, try to recover the first days of this week, only then can you feel calm and balanced for the decisions you have to make these days. Avoid arguments or you will lose out.

Scorpion: After days of chaos you regain your calm. This week is ideal to start over, to rethink plans, to leave sadness behind. The strength you need will come from those who least expect it.

Sagittarius: Move now, advance to other horizons. The path is very diverse for you to continue in the same place. This week you might have a chance to get going and stop looking back.

Capricorn: Inspiration and communication is your strength for this week, do not keep anything to yourself, talk about what you feel and be diplomatic, diplomatic, that with that you will open doors that you thought were impossible.

Aquarium: You feel strong and stable again, this week the days when you felt vulnerable in every way are left behind, so take advantage of the strength that gives you the energy of these days and move to fulfill your plans.

Pisces: What you ask will be fulfilled, this week is one of wishes fulfilled, of obtaining what you have been waiting for so much in days gone by. Ask and it will be granted. Keep stepping firmly, the path is safe.




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