Horoscope of the week from July 18 to July 24

horoscope of the week from July 18 to July 24

This hot summer is approaching its fullness and to announce it are the stars, with the entrance of the Sun in Leo. But this astral event that will only come at the end of the week is not the only important event of the next few days. Let’s find out more with the horoscope of the week from 18 July to 24 July for all zodiac signs.

The sky of next week’s horoscope

We will have to wait until the end of the week for the most important move, that of the brightest star that on July 23 will move from Cancer to Leo, in its home, expressing itself in this way, in the coming weeks, at its maximum. But next week’s horoscope is marked much more by another move, that of Venuswhich leaves Gemini to enter the Cancer, making us all more dreamers, romantics and in need of an extra dose of pampering and reassurance. Let’s see how these movements will affect all the zodiac signs.


Look for Ariesthis will be a week where, quite simply, it will be safer stay away. Venus also reaches the Sun in Cancer and takes away that bit of lightness that you enjoyed when you came home from work. Now even matters of the heart and relationships in general become more complicated, so, if you have the opportunity, escape on vacation, otherwise those around you will have to do it.


The ‘good’ of the other week becomes ‘very well’ dear Taurus! I would say that you have nothing to complain about how this hot summer 2022 is going. You have regained the grit, confidence and conviction to achieve your goals and you are a real war machine at work. Vacation? Don’t think about it, and you’re right! Now this sweet Venus also arrives to cheer you up even more as the days become more and more beautiful. Take advantage of them all!

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Look for Twins, Venus greets you too, but things continue to go well. The stars of the horoscope of the week from July 18 to July 24 will commit to replenish your pockets, and if you follow your instincts you will be able to easily identify the path that they show you why this becomes reality. So keep your intuition always awake and loose and get ready, finally, to cash out!


Look for Cancer, the most beautiful stars light up your sky and your life path in this month of July. There really would be nothing else to add, also because all this positive energy you feel it on you and it pushes you to do, but also to imagine and desire. It will be the flames that you ignite in your heart during this time that will burn to keep you moving forward in the coming months. Light this fire!


Dear Leos, a strange craving will mark many of your days next week. Are you wondering what happens? Well, we don’t know how to tell you but we fear that it is banal, natural, human fatigue. You have been pushing on the accelerator for at least a month and now, as the heat becomes more merciless, even the fatigue begins to be felt more. Suddenly discovering that a human being with its limitations should not upset you too much, so, just feel bad, have a nice relaxation plan (escapes to the sea, to the mountains, to the spa, wherever you want) and you will see that you will leave more vigorous than before!

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Look for Virginan already beautiful sky, improves with the arrival of this Venus which for you translates into a great hand for simplify the little big tasks that mark our daily life. So suddenly Murphy’s Law is overturned for you and anything that could go wrong will be careful not to. It is truly a moment that allows you to recover physical and mental form and to present yourself in the most beautiful part of summer ready to enjoy it with great fullness.

Weight scale

Dear Libra, the horoscope of the week from July 18 to July 24 whispers in your ear that little word that is so fashionable and of which you should recover the meaning: resilience. Yes, you are asked to be patient, persist and resist. Strength and courage, that some black day is caused by clouds that are passing by. The hassles are different and both in the family and at work you can’t take it anymore. Help yourself by thinking that the well-deserved holidays are now near!


Your summer is beautiful look for Scorpionsindeed, more and more beautiful. But what more do you want? Fitness to the max, smile perpetually printed on your face, lethal charm, friends, relatives, loves, lovers, garments hang from your lips and from your personality which in these days proves to be overwhelming. If we had to put a vote from 1 to 10 we would put 11!


Look for Sagittariusit’s time to going on holiday for you, no doubt. If you can, go now! Physically moving away and distracting yourself will help you to look at a situation that is wearing you down from the right distance, not because it is unsolvable, indeed, but because it has become a worm. The solution is to take things head-on, but only when you know what to do. This is why the priority is to recover clarity. How? If you can, vacation!

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Look for Capricorn you also arrived with the Low battery to this second part of July and you too feel the absolute need to disconnect, much more than usual. It is not an impression next week’s horoscope really invites you to carve out every little moment of relaxation as soon as possible. Come on, the holidays are close for you too, if you are already enjoying them, we recommend that you turn off your mobile phone!


Look for Acquariumthis heat takes away physical energy. If the head still supports you and there are still many projects, as well as the commitments, it is the body that struggles to keep up with it. Feel the urgent need to spend at least a day lying on a sunbed by the sea with the silenced mobile phone listening only to the sound of the waves and basking in the sun. Pay attention to your needs and do it, a little break waiting for the holidays may be enough to regain lost energy.


Look for Pesciwe are pleased to announce that the horoscope of the week from July 18th to July 24th provides for you new emotions! Yes, your heart, so busy on the front of your projects, is now starting to beat fast again for people and for one in particular. Whether it’s a new meeting or an understanding found next week, your love life will finally return to the center of your interests.



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