Horoscope for April 30

Before a solar eclipse, two planetary nuclei form in the sky. The Sun, Moon and Uranus in Taurus will bring bright changes. And the parade of planets in Pisces focuses on humanitarian and spiritual universal values, enhances sensitivity, exposes souls. The eclipse will take place on the night from Saturday to Sunday, and at the moment it is especially important how you approach it. If there is love and kindness in your soul, then the Universe will support you.

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On April 30, until late in the evening, the Moon will decrease before the eclipse. The planets will start playing with our imagination. This Saturday will be full of deceptive energies. Health must be preserved. All sorts of excesses will harm the body more than at other times. Do not spend a lot of effort on cooking, tomorrow it is advisable to eat minimally processed foods, more fresh vegetables and fruits. It is highly advisable not to drink anything stronger than mineral water.

Aries, do not plan difficult cases. Take only what comes easy to you, without straining.

Taurusthe energy of this day will resemble driving over bumps.

Twins, this day will give you a lot of food for thought and very little space for activity. Do not rush to make decisions. New important facts may soon be revealed.

Cancerthe closer to the evening, the more doubts you will have. And this is good. Most of all, this day is suitable for deep reflection.

a lion, you need to be more attentive to the wishes of loved ones. Now they tend to express themselves in hints that are not always clear to Leo, who thinks more concretely.

Virgotry not to waste your energy. Let today in your program there will be only easily doable and not tedious tasks.

Scalesyou will have to extricate yourself from a delicate situation in which you or someone close to you find yourself.

Scorpiothe focus may be on a fact that you would like to hide.

Sagittariusin the afternoon there is a danger of succumbing to a false impulse.

Capricorn, do not disregard changes in the behavior of a loved one, even small ones. An uncertain smile or a slightly furrowed brow can signal something serious.

Aquarius, do not look for variety and adventure. Today you can and should enjoy something familiar and familiar.

Fishyou will be overloaded with information, feelings will boil, and it will take extra time to really comprehend everything.



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