“It was clear that he would have to stop, it was enough to look at Leclerc’s tires to understand that the race could not be finished with those tires. It was crucial for us to stop Perez at the right time, we could have left him on the track to battle with Hamilton, but stopping in the pits was the right choice “. Christian Horner he comments with satisfaction on a Turkish Grand Prix in which Red Bull placed Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez in second and third position, a double podium that was missing from the Milton Keynes team from France. Max Verstappen has taken the lead again and will be in Austin in two weeks with a six-point lead over Lewis Hamilton, who in the final messed up with the Mercedes wall at a strategic level.

“I’m not at their wall, so I can’t say exactly what happened, but me it seems that Hamilton has climbed over the wall in terms of managing the moment of the pit stop – Horner added – when it looked like he would try to get to the finish line without pit stop we thought it would be very dangerous ”.

After so many anonymous weekends, today Red Bull was able to count again on the best version of Sergio Perez: “He fought like a lion as did Verstappen – Horner’s praise in the face of Perez’s super resistance in holding his position in the face of Hamilton’s prolonged attack – Hamilton almost pushed Perez into the pit lane, he was very good at not giving up in the drag race between the last and first corners ”.


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