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That’s my experience too. I like Horizon Zero Dawn much better.

Forbidden West has REAL suffers from “Oh, yaaaah!-We’ll do that too!-And that!-And that too!”-developer syndrome.

Where in the first part you saw Aloy grow as a person and you really got involved in her development and the very interesting revelations and developments in the story, I now think she’s a huge dopey shit and the story can at most be called “meh”. In the first part you met interesting people during your journey who became your friends and in this second part your friends are mainly playing with their focuses in the secret base. [sarcasme]wow! How very interesting and fascinating![/sarcasme].

I also like the sound and especially the music. It already starts in the main menu. Where’s that awesome soundtrack!? Then they didn’t fix the climbing either. I expected at least more Breath-of-the Wild-esque climbing in this second part.

But… I’ve never seen my PS4 Pro produce so much graphical splendor on my 40″ TV! Wow! Forbidden West is a joy to watch! And it really is a super solid 30FPS. I haven’t come across a stutter yet.

I bought the game right at launch. After about 3 weeks I was in it for almost 30 hours, but I can’t bring myself to continue playing at the moment. While I finished part 1 in one go, I didn’t touch another game in between (and that is very exceptional for me). So I bought part 1 on the Steam Deck during a sale and started playing it all over again.

My conclusion: part 1 is really better.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to see VRR support coming and I hope the game comes to PC soon – provided they do that port better than Zero Dawn’s. It’s still not perfect.

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