Horizon Forbidden West releasing on PS4 hasn’t limited its development “in any way”

Guerrilla Games explains that it has not thought at any time about the hardware limitations to make the game.

A few days ago we got to see Horizon Forbidden West for the first time running on a PlayStation 5 and the result left us all very surprised. It seems that the game of Guerrilla Games It is going to be a great technical exponent, something that some players questioned after learning that the game will be released for PlayStation 4 as well. Guerrilla wants clear all doubts about.

I don’t think intergenerational development has been limiting in any wayMathijs de JongeIn an interview with Hardware Zone, the director of the game, Mathijs de Jonge, indicated that intergenerational development does not negatively affect to Horizon Forbidden West and its final quality, nor to the vision that the studio has about the game it wants to create. “I don `t believe that intergenerational development has been limiting no way, “de Jonge stated flatly.

“When we started with the concept of this game, we had a lot of great ideas that ended up being included, to the point that really we don’t think about the limitations hardware or anything; we just wanted to design a truly unique and enjoyable gamer experience. A amazing adventure. This is how we also brainstormed all the missions and events the player will go through, “explained the Guerrilla worker.

PS5 allows more and better

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Guerrilla has been making it clear for a few days that the game it will be completely enjoyable by PS4 users and even went so far as to state that the game will look fantastic on that console. Of course, as is evident, the PS5 version it will be better in some respects, and in fact it has some advantages inherent to the difference in power between the past and the new generation.

In fact, much of the game has been developed on PS4. But, as we say, PS5 will have some differences in its favor. “I think the big difference between these two consoles, besides 3D audio, fast charging and DualSense, is on the graphical side of things. On PlayStation 5, we can add much more detail graphically. We can see the tiny hairs on Aloy’s face, for example. You can also see a lot of detail from afar, “said de Jonge.

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“I don’t think many people noticed, but you could see the moss growing on the rocks [en el primer gameplay]. On PlayStation 5, each individual strand of moss is rendered individually. This machine is very powerful and can add many more details to the image “, insisted the creative, who also explained that in PS5 the lighting is different and goes a step further.

“We use [la potencia de procesamiento de la máquina] for one specific lighting, a cinematic one that we normally only have time to use for cinematics. Because the PS5 is so much more powerful, the we use all the time. During the game, there is a very high quality lighting and rendering system. “The launch of Horizon Forbidden West is still scheduled for 2021, but PlayStation does not rule out a delay.

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