Horizon forbidden West Preview [Fruitblik ‘22]

Like every year, we kick off the new 365 days with a look ahead. Or as we call it, a Fruit Can. And this year we are dividing the Fruitblik content into two parts. In one part, to be seen in the coming weeks, we look ahead to the full year 2022. What can we expect, what will be the cruelest games and how will everything go from business? The second part is all about February. The month when the industry thought it would be fun to sprinkle a shitload of cool games over us. In a series of short previews, the presenters indicate which games they most expect and what those expectations are based on. With Horizon Forbidden West today.

Horizon Forbidden West is Dutch pride

We are of course as proud as a monkey with seven cocks at the Dutch Guerrilla Games. The first installment of Horizon was arguably one of the best games on the PS4 for some. And later it also scored big time on PC. This time, Forbidden West only comes out on PS5 and PS4. A possible PC release will take a while, knowing PlayStation. How much do we feel like playing the new part with Aloy in the lead? You will hear that right away. Is this going to be one of the top picks for this year? Or maybe even the GOTY?

The story around Aloy continues

Horizon Forbidden West continues the adventures of red-haired knucklehead Aloy. It is exactly half a year after the story of Horizon Zero Dawn. And of course the adventure doesn’t stop there. There is bound to be something wrong somewhere in the beautiful world that Guerrilla has created. What will we all experience with Aloy? How do you like being able to take part in the action underwater? Were more bizarre creatures created? We got to see it soon. So an ABC’s that we have made Fruit can item about Horizon Forbidden West.


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