Honor risks the same ban as Huawei in the United States – Tlc


According to a new report from the South China Morning Post, Republican politicians led by Michael McCaul, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, are lobbying for Honor to be added to the US Entity List. Such a move would see it unable to conclude hardware and software supply agreements with US companies, as is already the case for Huawei. The group of Republicans advocating the request believe that Honor poses a threat to US security, having been linked to Huawei in the past.

In an attempt to shake off the attention of the US Department of Commerce, Honor was acquired by an independent Chinese consortium, after becoming famous as a ‘young’ brand of the Shenzen giant. “The sale of the company was a political move, not an economic one,” McCaul said during a hearing with the Commerce Department. “Access to American technology raises the same concerns about the country’s security.” Honor was designed by Huawei as a valuable brand to compete with companies such as Xiaomi, but it sold for over $ 15 billion last year. In this way, he continued to work with US companies, fundamental for the mobile business, including Google and Qualcomm, without incurring the limitations of the former parent company.


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