Honduras does not plan to play eliminatory matches in the United States as El Salvador does

Houston, United States.

The National Autonomous Football Federation of Honduras (Fenafuth) does not consider leaving San Pedro Sula to play home matches for the Concacaf qualifying round for the Qatar 2022 World Cup in the United States, despite the coronavirus restrictions in our country regarding the entry of fans to stadiums.

This is because the Salvadoran Football Federation has begun all the efforts to play its commitments towards the World Cup at home in North America because the Cusco government has made the determination to suspend the entry of fans to sporting events due to the increase in cases of COVID-19 and they are looking to do it in Los Angeles, Houston and Washington.

Fenafuth, despite the fact that at this time Sinager has not authorized the entry of the public to the stadiums in National League matches, it is not planned in any way to go to the United States where the restrictions for Covid-19 disappeared for public events and where Economically, he would do much better than playing in San Pedro Sula, since the cheapest ticket for a soccer game is $ 30.

“In this issue there are two things; You cannot play in another country just because you feel like it, firstly the US Soccer (United States Soccer Federation) must say yes, there is no way without that, then make a decision of that one loses the locality, it is given away An El Salvador-Honduras match in Cuscatlán is not the same as in Los Angeles and we already saw it in a previous Gold Cup, so for us being local is worth a lot, ”said Gerardo Ramos, manager of the Honduras National Team.

He hopes that in the coming days the country’s health authorities can approve the biosafety protocols that the National League together with the Federation and a team of specialists propose to Sinager so that the Apertura 2021 tournament begins with open gates.

“We are working on the biosecurity issue, by the time we face the United States on September 8, they should have played five games with fans, after the protocols we have to set up the entire administrative issue, we have to do things well, that at the same time League will approve it and thus it gives us the opportunity to play with the public because it is the same permission for both teams and the national team ”, he explained.


In the event that the doors of the Honduran stadiums are reopened, it is expected that it will be with 30% of the capacity of each stadium and in the case of the Bicolor it has been known that the ticket prices will be high.

Although it is not official, the value of a ticket for the town of sol would not cost less than 500 lempiras and could even be higher as in the preferred sectors, chair and box where they will have more than 100% increase since The number of fans will be between 10 and 12 thousand viewers due to all the Covid restrictions.


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