Honduras beats Costa Rica on penalties and takes third place in the League of Nations

Denver, United States

It was improved and it was fulfilled. In a very vibrant match, the Honduras national team won (5-4) on penalties against Costa Rica after 2-2 in regulation time to take third place in the Concacaf Nations League.

The Catracho Archer Luis Buba Lopez, became the Honduran figure by stopping two maximum penalties in the shootout, the third to Ariel Lassiter and the sixth to Yeltsin Tejada.

In this way, the H closed its participation in the first edition of the tournament, taking third place. For its part, the Costa Rican team leaves the competition without pain or glory.


The first part was poor for Honduras, few ideas and a lot of imprecision.

The H started with high pressure, but the Ticos quickly opened the scoring. At 7 minutes, Bryan Oviedo crossed and the forward Joel Campbell anticipated Marcelo Pereira and on the rebound made it 1-0.

A bad start for the Bicolor. Honduras responded with a long pass from Pereira to Alberth Elis who entered the area but defender Óscar Duarte took the ball from him.

The Ticos felt comfortable on the field, despite not reaching the rival area with much clarity. Hondura’s most dangerous play reached 34 minutes.

Edwin Rodríguez shot from the right and the ball hit Moreira’s right post, it was the first direct launch for the Catracha squad.

Honduras was looking for him through centers, but without danger. Despite having greater ball position, the H lacked ideas to score.


In the complement part the H was better, but he let go of the victory. At 48 minutes, Alex López teamed up with Kevin Álvarez, this center and Edwin Rodríguez controlled his chest and with a powerful shot made it 1-1.

The Bicolor showed another face, it was more dynamic. Antony Lozano had it at 50, but he did not know how to direct the shot.

Jorge Benguché, who had just joined, tried long distance at 65. The Ticos had a hard time, Honduras owned the game.

The H went up on the scoreboard. Deybi Flores stole the ball at the Costa Rican start, Alex López enabled Elis and Elis with a right hand putter made it 2-1 in the 81st.

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However, on a set piece Francisco calvo headed only at 85 to put the 2-2. Without much football, the red had tied.

San Buba López

The game went to penalties. Honduras had a hero, Luis “Buba” López covered two pitches and the H won (5-4) to take third place in the Final Four.

For the H only Jonathan Rubio failed.

The result ended up being fair since in the balance of the game the Bicolor looked for it more. Now the H is getting ready to face Mexico this Saturday in a friendly duel in Atlanta (5:30 pm).

Minute by minute

End! Ever Alvarado scores and Honduras beats Costa Rica 5-4 on penalties. The H remains with the third place of the League of Nations.

San Buba covered! Yeltsin Tejeda misses his penalty and Honduras, if he scores the next one, takes third place.

Goal of #Honduras! Bryan Acosta scores 4-4 against Costa Rica on penalties.

Costa Rica goal! Joseph Mora scores the 4-3 against #Honduras in the penalty shootout.

It failed! Jonathan Rubio takes his penalty and the Costa Rican goalkeeper Moreira stops him.

Costa Rica goal! Gerson Torres scores 3-3 against Honduras on penalties.

Honduras goal! Benguché scores 3-2 against Costa Rica on penalties. Ufff!

Buba plugged! Ariel Lassiter takes his penalty and the goalkeeper of Honduras stops it.

Goal of Costa Rica! Francisco Calvo scores 2-1 against #Honduras in the penalty shootout.

Gooooal of Honduras! Alex López scores 1-1 against Costa Rica on penalties.

Costa Rica goal! Johan Venegas scores 1-0 against #Honduras in the penalty shootout.

Final! Honduras and Costa Rica draw 2-2 and the third place in the League of Nations will be defined in penalty shootouts.

Minute 92 Ufff! Jonathan Rubio’s right hand in the area and the ball is left without rebounding the Costa Rican goalkeeper Leonel Moreira.

Minute 91 Ufff! Left-handed by Deybi Flores and the ball goes to one side of the goal. New arrival from Honduras.

Minute 90 Three minutes are added to the game.

Minute 88 Ufff! Jonathan Rubio shoots and is deflected by the defensive back of the Ticos. Near Honduras.

84th minute Costa Rica scores a goal! Francisco Calvo scores 2-2 against Honduras.

83rd minute Wow! Alberth Elis’s shot and the ball goes to the side of the goal. Near the third of Honduras.

Alex López assists Alberth Elis after a ball that Deybi Flores recovered and Honduras traced it back to Costa Rica.

80th minute Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo from Honduras! Alberth Elis scores 2-1 against Costa Rica. The H goes back to the Ticos.

Minute 78 Changes in Honduras! Ever Alvarado and Jonathan Rubio enter, Diego and Edwin Rodríguez left

77th minute shot by Edwin Rodríguez after a rebound by the Costa Rican goalkeeper Moreira and the ball went wide.

Minute 76 The Tico Alonso Martínez receives the yellow card after a foul on the Honduran side Diego Rodríguez

Minute 74 Uff! Óscar Duarte’s header and the ball goes to one side of the goal. Honduras was saved.

Minute 70 Right back Kevin Álvarez from Honduras receives the yellow card.

Minute 66 Benguché’s right hand that leaves the goal.

Minute 63 Change in Honduras! Jorge Benguché enters and Choco Lozano leaves

Minute 53 Controversy! Alberth Elis takes a center and asks for a possible penalty. The central referee stopped the game for a few minutes and in the end did not sanction anything.

Minute 52 Ufff! Alberth Elis takes a cross that deflects the Tico defender and goalkeeper Moreira sends it to the corner kick. Honduras close to second.

Minute 50 Oops! Choco Lozano enters the area and takes a center that goes off course.

Center of Kevin Álvarez and Edwin Rodríguez in the area takes a left-footed shot that got into the back of the nets. Honduras is tied with Costa Rica.

Minute 48 ¡Gooooooooooooal from Honduras! Edwin Rodríguez scores 1-1 against Costa Rica.

Change in Honduras Alexander López entered for Rigo Rivas at the start of the second half.

Let’s go to the second half: Honduras falls 1-0 to Costa Rica for third place in the Concacaf Nations League.

Half Time: Honduras goes to rest losing 1-0 to Costa Rica with a goal from Joel Campbell.

Minute 43 Kevin Álvarez cross that Alberth Elis could not control in the area.

Minute 37 Ufff! Right hand in the area by Deybi Flores and the ball deflected by Tico defender Francisco Calvo. Honduras threatens to tie it.

Minute 34 Hit it! Edwin Rodríguez’s right hand and the ball hit the post. Honduras is close to tying Costa Rica.

Minute 32 Alberth Elis header in the area and the ball goes off the goal of the Costa Rican team.

Minute 31 Rigoberto Rivas is knocked down on the side by Francisco Calvo and a free kick in favor of Honduras.

28th minute Joel Campbell was alone, but fortunately for Honduras he was penalized offside. Honduran goalkeeper Buba López had gone wrong.

Minute 20 The Honduran team continues to lose 1-0 to Costa Rica.

Minute 15 Bryan Acosta’s free kick and the ball goes over the goal. Honduras seeks the tying goal.

Minute 10 Uff! Alberth Elis enters the area and at the moment he was going to take the shot it is anticipated by the defensive zone of Costa Rica.

Center by Bryan Oviedo and Joel Campbell anticipates Marcelo Pereira to score 1-0 in favor of Costa Rica.

Minute 8 Costa Rica scores a goal! Joel Campbell scores 1-0 against Honduras.

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Minute 4 Oops! Joel Campbell fails to connect the center of Alonso Martínez and Honduras is saved. Costa Rica’s first notice.

Minute 3 Alberth Elis overflows, enters the area but cannot get the center out. First notice from Honduras.

It started! Honduras faces Costa Rica for third place in the Concacaf Nations League.

The teams of Honduras and Costa Rica carry out their stretches a few minutes before the match can begin.

Costa Rica’s 11 starter to face Honduras: Leonel Moreira, Keysher Fuller, Oscar Duarte, Francisco Calvo, Bryan Oviedo, Yeltsin Tejeda, Bryan Ruiz, Celso Borges, Randall Leal, Joel Campbell and Alonso Martinez.

The novelties in the 11 holder of the H are Bryan Acosta and Edwin Rodríguez, today on the bench Alex López and Jonathan Rubio.

Honduras’ 11 starter to face Costa Rica: Luis López, Kevin Álvarez, Marcelo Pereira, Maynor Figueroa, Diego Rodríguez, Deybi Flores, Bryan Acosta, Edwin Rodríguez, Rigoberto Rivas, Alberth Elis and Antony Lozano.


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