Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

A Honduran minor identified as Glenda Abigail Alvarado (12) She has been missing since Sunday, June 27, so her desperate relatives reported to media.

The hypothesis used is that Alvarado, from Santa Rosa de Copán, fled at dawn with other minors who are part of a group of WhatsApp, who met virtually to play a video game.

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According to the version of one of the relatives, the minor took her parents’ phones that she used to play and they have communicated with her; however, this is only limited to say that he is fine.

They also commented that this group of minors is accompanied by adults, who promised to take them to USA“Who knows with what kind of promises,” they argued.

In view of the situation, the family decided to turn to the media to alert people who know something about their whereabouts.

In addition, they have echoed through social networks reporting on the disappearance of the minor. To provide information you can call or write to 9977-0323.

At the same time, they call on parents to be alert to these WhatsApp groups and what their children play on the Internet, since they claim there may be criminal networks.