Last week we showed you Honda’s official teaser pictures of the upcoming Civic Type R and various spy photos of the car could already be viewed. Now let’s go a step further and remove the camouflage film (at least digitally) to see what the successor to the currently best compact sports car could look like.

The new Type R won’t debut sometime in 2022, but the Kolesa folks didn’t want to wait that long. They have already removed the make-up and thus give us what we believe to be a fairly accurate (albeit still unofficial) view of the upcoming opponent of the VW Golf GTI Clubsport.

If the design of the previous generations was a bit too much for you, the new CTR should be more to your taste. At least if the regular version of the new Civic is a clue.

This by no means means that Honda has completely dispensed with aggressive performance features – the rear wing is still large enough to take meals on and the three Ferrari-style tailpipes will remain. But the body itself should give the eyes less work.

The wild rumors about a complete reorientation of the Civic Type-R approach should meanwhile turn out to be pretty nonsense. Among other things, there was talk of a drive with hybridization and all-wheel drive. Recently it has become increasingly clear that a mild evolution of the familiar layout will remain. In other words: 2.0-liter turbo gasoline engine, 6-speed manual switch and front-wheel drive.

How many horses will work under the hood of the new CTR is still unclear. Presumably there will be a subtle plus. The flagship is currently producing 320 hp and 400 Nm. As recently reported, the Type R will be the last new Honda to be launched in Europe without electrification. We assume a market launch in summer or autumn of next year.

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