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The property tax for 2022 will be recalculated and owners will have to submit a tax return via the Elster portal. The documents will be available soon.

Berlin – The deadline for submitting the documents for the new tax return for property tax 2022 starts on July 1, 2022. Homeowners and property owners in Germany are facing a major task and have to work together with the tax offices in the federal states so that the tax can be recalculated was declared invalid by a judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court until the beginning of 2025.

There are many obstacles to getting there: consumer advocates have already criticized the effort that property owners will have to make in the coming months. Among other things, the procedure is also criticized: The declaration of determination must be submitted electronically via Elster – certain documents for the property tax 2022 will soon be available for the recalculation.

Documents for the property tax 2022: The forms differ depending on the federal state and the model for the recalculation

Homeowners have until October 31 to submit their property tax assessment. Anyone who misses this deadline risks fines from the tax office and, in the worst case, the estimate of the information. Since different models for calculating the property tax 2022 are used depending on the federal state, there are a few things to consider when filing the tax return. While politicians have a lot of work to do because of the tax reform, owners in Germany are wondering which documents have to be filled out for the new property tax.

Anyone who owns a property must report to their tax office between July and October with information: The property tax 2022 will be reformed. © Christin Klose / dpa

Since the end of last year, under the code number BStBl. I 2021, 2391 et seq. in the Federal Tax Gazette corresponding forms for the property tax return 2022, but here owners can fall into a small trap: Firstly, the declaration of determination usually has to be submitted digitally via the Elster portal to the tax offices, secondly, the necessary information differs in the documents for the property tax partly clear. Therefore, before the actual tax return, homeowners must check which forms are relevant in their federal states for the property tax 2022.

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Property tax 2022: These documents must be completed

Since the reassessment of the 2022 property tax is already taking place this year, it is sometimes necessary to hurry so that homeowners can fill out all the necessary documents for the property tax return in good time. “My Elster” is the method of choice for everyone when it comes to the question of how the tax return has to be submitted. Which documents have to be filled out for the property tax 2022 differs depending on the federal state. For example, Baden-Württemberg relies on a so-called land value model. The following information is decisive for the recalculation: land register data, type of use, standard land value and file number of the assessed value.

What is the property tax 2022

The property tax 2022 serves communities in Germany as an important source of income, for example to finance public infrastructure, and is levied by the tax offices for property in Germany. In addition to developed land, this also applies to agricultural or forestry land. Owners and homeowners are therefore obliged to pay a property tax to the local authorities once a year.

In the federal states, the models for property tax differ significantly. With the federal model presented by the federal government, the following information must be provided in the documents for the recalculation: land register data, type of use, standard land value, reference number of the assessed value, living space, year of construction, type of property, information on apartments and parking spaces. This list refers to the tax return for property tax B. Different data is required for the declarations for property tax A and property tax C, as these are different purposes.

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Determination declaration for the property tax 2022: Forms and documents must be submitted to the tax office

Relevant documents and forms have already been published for several federal states for the property tax return, the so-called determination declaration for the property tax reform 2022. As informed, only the documents for the federal states of Baden-Württemberg and Hesse are missing. Both countries have decided on their own models. All other countries have now provided the relevant documents – however, the forms are usually still in the draft stage and may later contain deviations.

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While the declaration of assessment for the property tax 2022 usually has to be submitted electronically via the Elster portal, the Free State of Bavaria has opted for a different variant: the federal state stipulates by law that the property tax return should be submitted electronically. However, submission in paper form without a special application is not excluded. However, other countries had decided to take such a step.

New property tax requires declaration of determination – which documents are now required for the new tax return

As already mentioned, the requirements for the declaration of determination differ depending on the federal state. The new property tax 2022, the recalculation of which was initiated by the property tax reform in the form of the new tax return, will continue to occupy the authorities in the coming years. After all, millions of properties have to be revalued. As the Federal Ministry of Finance writes on its website, the necessary information relates to the key date of January 1, 2022.

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However, owners not only have to be careful with the different information for the models of the federal states: not only the data required for the documents of the property tax differ significantly, but also the implementation regulations can vary.

Property tax reform: Forms and documents are made available on “My Elster”.

So while the reform of the property tax 2022 is currently in full swing, some owners are sometimes wondering where the necessary forms and documents for the declaration of determination are provided. The answer is not surprising: From July 1, 2022, the necessary documents will be made available free of charge on under the tab “Forms & Services > All forms > Property tax”.

However, homeowners must note that they need a user account for “Mein Elster” in order to be able to submit their tax return for the 2022 property tax to the tax office. If you don’t have an account yet, you have to calculate up to several weeks before you can use the platform. Registration is multi-level and requires a certification file. With all the hustle and bustle surrounding property tax recalculation, however, one thing remains the same: the general formula. In the future, property tax will continue to consist of property tax value, tax index and assessment rate.



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