Homeopathy: how it works and pros and cons of using homeopathic medicine

Is named homeopathy in the form of medicine which is based on the use of natural to cure or prevent disease, as opposed to medicine allopath, who argues that the only way to achieve this is through the use of pharmaceutically processed drugs.

According to homeopathy, The body has the ability to heal itself, and to invite it to do so, it is enough to know what alternatives natural They help in every case. This clinical model also includes psychological factors in its treatment, something that is very important because we know that the mind is a strong determinant of how our health is expressed, which is why conditions such as anxiety can have important consequences on people’s health.

In addition to the psychological factors behind a condition, homeopathy It uses vegetable, animal and mineral substances in small and specific concentrations for each discomfort, which are dissolved in alcohol and water and are prescribed with some frequency to treat certain diseases.

The homeopathy it is a medical model that has been in existence for more than 200 years, during which its level of acceptance among people has varied. There have been times when the homeopathy It was considered a perfectly valid proposal and there were even hospitals dedicated only to its specialty, but there have also been times when it has faced a lot of skepticism from its detractors, who consider that only the medicine allopath can heal.

This debate has been long and extensive, and taking advantage of the fact that today is the International Homeopathy Daywe will tell you about what some of them have been pros Y cons that have arisen in this discussion.

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Its compounds are natural


pros of homeopathy

  • It balances the metabolism because it also takes into account the role of people’s diet in their health, recommending diets that complement treatments and improve people’s health in general. This is important because today it is well known that our brain depends largely on what we eat and this factor should not be forgotten.
  • With its same holistic perspective, the homeopathy takes into account the mind and emotional well-being of patients, inviting them to take care of this aspect of their lives that we often neglect because we think that it does not have real consequences for health, but that in reality it can be fundamental.
  • Strengthens the body so that it is capable of healing itself, promoting that in future occasions we do not need medicines to heal and our immune system is stronger.
  • It doesn’t have as many side effects as medicine allopath, who by curing something can neglect and harm something else.
  • It invites you to have a healthier lifestyle in general as it also includes exercise routines in its diagnoses.
  • It is easy to take in populations such as children, who do not always want to take medicine. As the presentation are sweet drops, its consumption does not cause so much conflict.
  • Can be combined with other types of medicines without generating complex side effects.

Cons of homeopathy

  • Find the medicine homeopathic ideal for us may be delayed, because there are no formulas as exact as in the medicine allopath, so the results may take a little longer.
  • There are not as many experts in the field as there are doctors specializing in the medicine alópata.
  • You don’t always find the medicine you need easily, like when someone has paracetamol in an office. Normally you need to go to specialized spaces.
  • For a specific pain or discomfort, it is necessary to understand the origin of it and its other possible symptoms, so it can take a little longer to diagnose.



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