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Al dente like freshly made. One of the most consumed foods is pasta and it can be prepared in a thousand ways. But surely it has happened to you that when you cook pasta you have left over and, when you reheat it, you see that it has been dry. It is a problem when you come home after a long day and you only have that option to eat.

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You should know that the best alternative is to prevent it from drying out. That’s why from Mag we will teach you some useful homemade tricks and tips to prevent the pasta from drying out so you can enjoy it as freshly made. Take note!

How to reheat pasta so it doesn’t dry out

To properly reheat pasta, you have the following tips and tricks:

1. Submerge the pasta in boiling water

This homemade trick is ideal to restore freshness to that cold, sticky and hard pasta that we left in a taper in the refrigerator the day before. In addition, you can heat it while maintaining its soft texture, but you can only heat the pasta without additives, this hack It will not work if it has creams or sauces.

  1. Put a pot with a lot of water on the fire.
  2. Put the pasta you’re going to heat in a colander of metal.
  3. When the water breaks into a boil, dip the strainer with the pasta inside.
  4. Leave the paste in contact with the water for a few 30 seconds, remove strainer and taste.
  5. If you need a little heat, dip again 15 seconds more.
Pasta tends to dry out when reheated. (Photo: Pexels)

2. Heat the pasta in a pan

  • Add some kind of fat to the pan, such as oil, milk, butter, sauce, or even water. This will moisten the bottom of the pan and prevent the pasta from sticking or overcooking. In addition to adding flavor, the liquid will help separate the stuck paste by the cold.
  • If you are going to add a sauce to the pasta from the day before, heat it first on low heat. After the sauce has gotten enough heat, add the pasta and mix it all together.

3. Reheat pasta in the microwave

The microwave can also be useful for reheating pasta from the day before. However, this appliance leave dry food. The same thing happens with pasta, and it will depend on whether it contains sauce or not.

  1. Toss the pasta to distribute the sauce evenly. In case you are going to heat it alone, add a little oil to maintain moisture.
  2. Always heat at medium or low power and watch the heating time. Better to do it in one minute increments, mix and then give it another 15 or 30 seconds more if necessary.
  3. Always cover the pasta with plastic wrap leaving an open corner for heat to escape, so the steam will concentrate and heat evenly.

Homemade tricks to make pasta faster

1. Cook it in the pan

It may sound a little strange to use something other than the pot when cooking the pasta. However, if we choose a frying pan it will cook faster. In this container, the water boils quickly because it is much smaller and less tall, which means that the heat reaches the food sooner.

2. Put the pasta to soak

In the same way that it is done with legumes such as lentils, if we leave the pasta to soak for an hour or more, it will not be necessary to cook it as much. Moreover, using this technique we can have it ready in two minutes. However, using this method requires planning.


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