Home tricks to prevent the iron from staining the clothes

It is possible that it has happened to you at least once that, when you go to iron the clothes, you end up with stains coming from the appliance. This means that we have to go through the entire washing and ironing process again. Fortunately, there are homemade tricks which can prevent the iron from staining the clothes. Next, we reveal it to you.

It is important to prevent the iron from damaging our clothes. For this reason, we offer you some tricks to prevent your clothes from ending up with stains after ironing them, so that you don’t suffer from this problem again.

In fact, the detachment of particles from the iron is common if it is not cleaned properly, so we recommend that you maintain it and learn to get rid of the remains of dirt.

Follow these home tricks to prevent the iron from staining your clothes

How to prevent the iron from staining the clothes?


To get rid of stains that form on the iron, you can use vinegar and baking soda. With them you will clean your iron effectively and, above all, economically.

  • To use the homemade trick, take a cloth and pour the water and vinegar over it, also adding a pinch of baking soda. From there, you only have to pass this mixture gently over the steel base, making circular movements to remove dirt particles more easily.


Wax paper and salt are also effective in preventing the iron from staining your clothes.

  • Pour the salt on the paper and grabbing the cold iron, you only have to pass its base along this element, so that the dirt sticks to the salt.
  • To return to the initial situation and make your iron look like new, you only have to use metal polish and pass it gently over the surface of the iron.
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Tips when cleaning the iron

  • To keep the iron clean and thus not affect your clothes, it is important that you clean the tank that contains the water. To do this, use the leftover content of vinegar and bicarbonate and place it in the water reserve of the iron.
  • Then plug in the iron and wait for it to heat up, using the steamer to mix the holes on the surface of this appliance.
  • Likewise, it is also important that you pass a slightly damp cloth over the iron every time you go to iron a garment. This will facilitate the maintenance of the device.



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