Holy Week: The departure of more than 800,000 vehicles from Bogotá is expected

Holy Week: The departure of more than 800,000 vehicles from Bogotá is expected

This Sunday April 2 begins one of the most anticipated periods for Colombians: Holy Week. A time of reflection and recollection for believers and rest and fun for non-practitioners.

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During this week it is common for families to look for a destination outside the big cities to spend the first days off of the year.

The Bogota Mobility Secretariat implemented the Exodus Plan, a strategy to guarantee the mobility of more than 800,000 vehicles that are expected to leave the capital this weekend.

In the nine exits of the city, a permanent accompaniment of about 700 officials will be carried out, including the Traffic Police, Civil Traffic Agents and the Guide Group, who will carry out “accident control and prevention” tasks.

«We started our Exodus Plan. In our Easter break we will accompany all travelers who want to go out and rest. We will be present in all corridors with more than 700 units carrying out checks on the road and giving recommendations to drivers.”, said the Mobility Secretary, Deyanira Ávila.

Likewise, the secretariat indicated that it would carry out permanent monitoring from the Traffic Management Center (CGT) in which the average speed and vehicle volumes will be analyzed.

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At the same time, it is expected that close to 500,000 citizens leave from the land terminals to different locations to enjoy this week, so it is recommended to arrive early and purchase tickets in advance.

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