“Holy neutrinos”; bar intoxicates you with knowledge with chela and science

  • They inspire fancy trends to new food and drink establishments around the world.

  • Fans of all kinds of fantasy stories seek to build communities around their interests.

  • Academics and professions also open space with themed and fun establishments.

For some years now, television series, movies and books have been the inspiration for new businesses, especially those in the restaurant sector that seek to give their products a theme and open a niche for fans who, through personalized and instagrammable spaces , feel immersed in their fantasy world; however, this trend has spread to real activities and specialized professions, as is the case of a bar in Peru that promotes science and knowledge in a fun environment that becomes an example for all of Latin America.

This is how themed restaurants, bars and cafes broke the limits of the unusual, fighting for the differentiator that would position them at the top of supply and demand, creating communities and popular experiences among the new generations, either with scenery or menus that are not very conventional ones that bring the thematic symbology of their “inner child” to decoration and gastronomic experimentation.

Although since the 1970s it is common to find personalized spaces that unite the tastes and interests of people from all over the world, this trend has seen its growth in Mexico for a few years, leaving new entrepreneurs who seek to open the curtain with learnings.

And it is that in the country the average life expectancy of an establishment is 7.8 years, which is reduced to 6.9 years in the case of the economic sector made up of restaurants, bars and cafeterias. According to figures from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), the situation is a little more complicated when it comes to thematic places, since, although there are no exact figures on their mortality, it is estimated that it will depend on the lifetime of the tenure. around which it revolves, as well as in prices with an average ticket of up to 250 pesos per person.

Added value is the most important key when opening a themed cafeteria or restaurant, because to start any of these businesses it is essential to take into account that a large part of the budget will be invested in the decoration and setting of the place, followed by the dishes. , drinks and human personnel.

However, as they have growing competition, the added value of these establishments is what the audience is really demanding. In Mexico there are endless examples, such as El Péndulo, a large library and bookstore that fills all the lovers of reading and coffee who visit it with peace; Doncella Café, has photographic and gastronomic experiences inspired by the tales of classic Disney princesses; or, among many others of its kind, El Mesón de los 3 Magos, a restaurant that takes its guests to the magical world of Harry Potter.

The “knowledge bar” that everyone should imitate

TV series, movies, books and fantasy sagas are not the only niche of interest for new generations looking to have a coffee, eat a delicious dish or drink beer while taking fun selfies with their friends and partners… in Peru a bar is setting the example that it can be a space for recreation and, at the same time, a place for scientific dissemination for lovers of knowledge.

In order to be objective, Cerveza Tempo is a place where workshops in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biology, astronomy and many other areas of science are held, all while you are served mind-expanding alcoholic beverages.

@beertempo Bar ig: @beer.tempo #fyp #fypシ ♬ Blade Runner 2049 – Synthwave Goose

“I definitely need to go to Peru to see this amazing place,” david barbon sanchez

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