“Hollywood Ripper” was sentenced to death in Los Angeles

O criminal known as the “Hollywood Ripper” (“Hollywood Ripper”) was sentenced to death for the murder of two women and the attempted murder of a third, in a case that has been dragging on in the courts for 20 years.

Michael Thomas Gargiulo [à direita na imagem], now 45, heard the sentence read on Friday in a Los Angeles courthouse. “Wherever Mr. Gargiulo went, death and destruction followed him,” said the judge.

It should be noted that Gargiulo’s case received even more media attention when it became known that one of the victims was about to go out on a date with actor Ashton Kutcher, before being murdered. Kutcher testified in court in 2019 as he went to the home of the victim, 22-year-old Ashley Ellerin.

Gargiulo was found guilty of the murder of Ashley, a fashion design student who was getting ready to leave her Hollywood home in 2001. In court, Kutcher said he was late to pick her up and that she didn’t opened the door.

The young woman was found the next day by a friend. She had been stabbed 47 times.

The four known victims of Michael Thomas Gargiulo. Only Michelle survived.© Al Seib-Pool/Getty Images

The accused was also convicted of the murder of 32-year-old Maria Bruno. The mother of four children was at her home in El Monte when she was killed in 2005.

Additionally, Gargiulo was found guilty of the attempted murder of Michelle Murphy in 2008, which managed to scare him away. Murphy was the key witness in the case.

According to press reports, it is difficult for Gargiulo to be executed in the state of California, where no one has died at the hands of the state since 2006. The man could, however, be extradited to his home state of Illinois, where he is guilty of the death by Tricia Pacaccio, in 1993.

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