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Holidays: SNCF is preparing

Holidays: SNCF is preparing

Little by little, the French return to take the train. While SNCF management had to fight to be able to offer 100% of its train seats for sale in a deconfigured France, travelers are starting to return to their station. “It is starting to fill up, but less than last year at the same period”, explains journalist Lilya Melkonian, live from the Gare de Lyon in Paris.

“It must be said that with this Covid-19 crisis, the French bought their tickets at the very last minute. They were probably waiting to see the evolution of the epidemic and especially the lifting of travel restrictions. the SNCF records a filling rate of more than 50% on the first weekends of July. It is more than expected, they say, but currently, only 70% of trains run, against 95% in normal times “, continues the journalist.

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