Holidays in times of Corona: tips for fun on the balcony


I.n this spring, the most visited travel destinations are the German balcony, terrassia and gardenia, the British are heading for Staycation, the Austrians are vacationing in the Dahamas. And it is possible that these vacation destinations will remain with us even into the summer.

Of course, you can get angry about it or fall into a depression, but that won’t change anything. It is therefore much more relaxed to accept the restriction of freedom of movement and travel than what it is, namely temporarily, and to make the best of the situation. So to see and enjoy the positive aspects of a vacation in front of the house or balcony door.

First of all, there is the arrival. It’s as short and easy as never before: no traffic jams, no security checks, no passport controls, no delays. We save the money for petrol, train or plane tickets completely. And we also do a lot for the environment, because our CO2nd-Emission goes towards zero, finally the journey takes place on foot.

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The time-consuming search for the right accommodation – hotel? Houseboat? Vacation rental? Cruise ship? – Also omitted, when vacationing on balconies, the decision must be made whether you want to spend the night not in your own bed, but in a hammock or on a mattress under the stars. It couldn’t be more stress-free.

Safe on the balcony from rip-off and tourist crowds

The usual holiday inconvenience is completely eliminated on site. The destination is not overcrowded, and you don’t have to queue for hours to see any attractions – the phenomenon of overtourism is unknown on the balcony or terrace.

Nobody has to grapple with language barriers, arrogant waiters, rip-off prices or dress codes. You wear what you want, you can hang out in the swimming trunks on the deck chair from morning to evening or even go on a nudist holiday, provided the balcony is protected from view.

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Swiss nationals Karel (L) and a friend Celine (R) ride bicycles with their children at the Center Helio-Marin (Center for Sun and Sea) naturist campsite on the Atlantic coast in Montalivet, southwestern France, August 13, 2013. The Center , created in July 1950, was the first vacation nudist camp to open in Europe. France is host to some 83 naturist sites where 60% of the holiday makers are foreigners. During the peak summer holiday period, 14,000 people spend their vacation at this nudist campsite on the Atlantic Ocean. Picture taken August 13, 2013 REUTERS / Regis Duvignau (FRANCE - Tags: TRAVEL SOCIETY) TEMPLATE OUT

Nobody has to pretzel up for dinner – but you can do it if you feel like it or if you want to make yourself nice for possible fellow travelers (i.e. family members or partners in a balcony). This is even recommended if you want to give your home vacation a special touch. So why not put on the brilliant earrings or put on the ironed trousers to make the sundowner unforgettable?

Of course, there is nothing to be said against simply letting all conventions go for two or three weeks. In this case, however, one should be careful not to get on the mind or nose of any balcony mate by showering too rarely.

In addition to toilet paper, also think about sun milk

Conveniently, there is no timetable in balconies. There is no one to tell you to have breakfast between 6.45am and 9.30am. No guide asks to be there on time for the sightseeing tour at 8 a.m.

Neither does anyone have to set the alarm clock to demonstrate their claim to a place in the sun with a towel spread out on the lounger before everyone else. In balconies there is enough sun for everyone – and you can even get a good sunburn, just like on a holiday in the Mediterranean.

So next time you shop, don’t just think of toilet paper, but also of sun milk, which smells so nice of vacation! Likewise on mosquito spray, because the bloodsuckers lurk not only in Tenerife and in the tropics, but also between your begonias and balcony tomatoes.

Plants create a feeling of vacation

With the right plants, the holiday joy on balconies and patios can be boosted considerably. Buy a dozen lavender pots for a bit of Provence, a banana palm for a Bali feeling or a few tulips to dream of Holland at the nearest garden market.

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As long as the plants have enough space, vessels of any shape and from any material are suitable

If you want to recreate the atmosphere of Dutch coffee shops, you could also grow cannabis plants, but of course we advise against it because of incalculable moral and legal side effects.

Fortunately (legal) there are legal drugs that kindle the wanderlust: For Italian moments, toast with Campari soda on your balcony, a Long Island Iced Tea beams you over to the USA, a Piña Colada wakes you up Caribbean Feelings. If you prefer Eastern Europe, mix a Moscow Mule.

A châteauneuf-du-pape or a cool Provençal rosé goes well with the lavender plants, and a glass of Advokaat egg liqueur with the tulips, especially on Easter weekend.

The drinks and the plant backdrops are, by the way, ideally suited to illustrate holiday greetings authentically and exotic via WhatsApp or to make followers on Instagram jealous with decorative # balcony posts.

Then sit back, read or laze, enjoy the occasional bees buzzing past and enjoy the view of a sky free of contrails.

If a little melancholy flares up: open your laptop and plan your next trip. As beautiful as the balcony is, the world outside is more beautiful. The first organizers are already taking bookings for 2021.

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According to the tourism experts, distant dream destinations will continue to attract holidaymakers in the future

When will we finally go on summer vacation again?

The beaches on Mallorca are deserted. The reason is the entry ban in Spain. And it remains completely unclear when the entry restrictions will be lifted in the holiday countries worldwide.

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